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Hey Guys! So I did a little bit of shopping in Lush the other day, and I thought I would share the things with you! (to put it in simple te...

Hey Guys!
So I did a little bit of shopping in Lush the other day, and I thought I would share the things with you! (to put it in simple terms!) I absolutely love lush products and thought I would stock up on some things, as I was running a little bit low. Who am I kidding, I have loads of bath things!! However I just couldn't resist, so enjoy!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
£2.75 each
So the first things I picked up were two of these bubble bars. These are my favourite bubble bars that Lush do, hence why I bought two! It has a really sweet, candy floss smell which is probably my favourite sort of smell. It also includes almond and cocoa butter which means it will leave your skin feeling super soft and like velvet. I would thoroughly recommend you either just smelling these or buying one!
The Comforter Bubble Bar
Next is another bubble bar, which if you didn't know you just take a bit of the bar and crumble it under the tap. This will create loads of bubbles in the water plus making it go pink and smell amazing! This one is a more fruity kind of scent, which I sometimes prefer having. The main scents in this one are blackcurrant and bergamot. This will also last me ages, as you will only need a little bit.

Think Pink Bath Bomb
Onto the bath bombs, the first being this lovely bright pink one which smells really sweet with the main scent of vanilla. This I think is definitely one of my favourite ever bath bombs Lush do, I could definitely repurchase this many of times! It also has little hearts inside it made out of rice paper which will slowly melt away while you are relaxing in the bath.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is a slightly different scent compared to the more sweeter scents as this one is honey. (Could you have guessed from the name!?) This also has soothing properties including aloe vera which will help to soften the skin and leave you feeling lovely!

Butterball Bath Bomb
This is probably one of the more boring bath bombs, however I love it! It is mostly cocoa butter which makes your skin feel amazing while in the bath. However when you get out, your skin will be left feeling super soft with a film that will linger for ages! This also includes Ylang Ylang which is good for treating things like stress (which I have had a lot of recently, due to exams!) but also is good for treating things like panic and fear.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb
This final bath bomb I bought is this one, which can you guess what it smells like?! Yes the main scent of this is rose and is just a lovely floral scent! It is also full of rose petals which float around in your bath, which I think can be really nice and set an atmosphere. However a real pain to have to remove after your bath!! It leaves your water though a lovely pink colour which if you haven't guessed already, I LOVE!

So that's it for the post, I think I might go and have a bath now!! One of my favourite combinations is the comforter bubble bars and think pink bath bomb!
Here is the link for the lush website if you want to go and buy anything. (Let me know if you do!)
Thank you for reading and I hope you now go and enjoy a relaxing bath!!
See you in my next post!

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  1. I've read a lot of things about this bath bombs and I want to try one, they sound great
    The Color Palette

    1. I would definitely recommend! Let me know if you do! xxx


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