Real Techniques Bold Metal Flat Contour Brush Review!

Hey Guys! So a couple of months ago I picked up this brush from the new real techniques bold metals range. I thought I would give you a rev...

Hey Guys!
So a couple of months ago I picked up this brush from the new real techniques bold metals range. I thought I would give you a review of the brush itself and also the bold metals collection overall. So I should say before I talk about the brush that I absolutely LOVE it!! I also love the original Real Techniques brush line and have done a review on my channel last year which you can watch here. Therefore I was really excited about their new collection and wanted to pick up a brush as soon as I could. I am doing this review now so I could use it for a few months so I could give you a proper review of the brush. Also you may know if you are a regularly reader of my blog or watch my videos, that I actually met Sam and Nic back last August and they were sooo lovely. Click here to watch that video. (Sorry lots of plugs today!!) 

So here is the brush:

£22 from Boots

It is called the Flat Contour brush which is number 301 and is part of the Bold Metals Collection. The brush is quite a dense and packed in brush but has super soft bristles. This allows you to contour your cheeks and blend it in nicely without you having to do much work. (what more do you need?!) The handle of the brush is a lovely rose gold colour and I believe that the collection is colour coordinated with Gold, silver and Rose Gold handles for the different types of brushes. The handle also goes into a diamond shape so you can put it onto the table without it rolling everywhere! What a genius idea! This also makes it easy to hold in your hand.

The handle of the brush is also weighted at the top which allows it to fit nicely in your hand and apply the right amount of pressure when using products. The bristles are still synthetic and are even softer than the original line! I also love that the bristles are white so you can see how much product you have on the brush! Also the rose gold from the handle continues up into the brush a little bit which I think looks really pretty! 

I know it's quite an expensive brush and your probably thinking, really £22 for that?! However I personally think it's definitely worth the money and if I could I would purchase the whole collection! It is also a premium brush range, but Sam and Nic said they wanted them to still be available to everyone therefore they are available in places like Boots.

I personally love to use mine with the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit to contour my cheeks and add a little bit of colour. I find it to apply the perfect amount of product without me looking really orange. 
The brush also cleans really well and is like new when it is, just like the original range! I have cleaned it a few times too, to make sure that it doesn't shred , and so far so good!

I think that is about it for this post, let me know if you try a brush from the collection!
See you in my next post!

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