Top 5 MAC Lipsticks!

Hey Guys! So first of all welcome to June! Can't believe that it is June already, where has the year gone?! I have been pretty busy wit...

Hey Guys!
So first of all welcome to June! Can't believe that it is June already, where has the year gone?! I have been pretty busy with exams and revision but I'm done now yay!! This means a lot more blogging and video making coming up!!

So anyway on with the actual post, which I'm going to share with you my top 5 MAC lipsticks. This was really hard to only pick 5, but somehow I did!

Speak Louder

So the first lipstick is this really lovely bright pink one. this was actaully one of the first MAC purchases of mine and I have seriously loved it ever since! (As you can probably tell from who much I have used!) This is a cremesheen so it has a more creamy consistency but still wears nicely on the lips. I would recommend this one if you want a bright lipstick but aren't brave enough to go that full neon colour as this is toned down a bit when actually on your lips.

Candy Yum-Yum

I bought this lipstick last summer and recently got it out again to wear as I think it is very summer appropriate. It is a gorgeous really bright pink almost looks neon when applied on your lips. It's probably one of the most popular lipsticks from MAC and I can definitely see why! It's such a vibrant yet flattering colour to wear and I also think it looks great on any skin tone!

Good Kisser

So I bought this lipstick at the end of summer last year as it was part of a limited edition collection called a novel romance. Therefore unfortunately this is now discontinued, however keep reading for a lipstick which is quite similar. This one though I love because it is that really bright pink (can you see a theme here?!) which is matte so therefore stays on my lips for ages and doesn't budge. I think this kind of pink really complements my skin tone and colouring well and looks amazing anytime of the day!

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

So I have actually done a whole review of this lipstick on my blog, here. So go and read that if you want a more in-depth review of this lipstick. However I think that it is the closest lipstick I have to the good kisser lipstick. This difference is, this is an amplified lipstick so is a little bit more creamy in texture but still stay on your lips for ages and will give you that pop of pink. It is also very easy to apply for a bright lipstick, and you don't have to be to precise. This is still available from the MAC website if you want it, but will probably go out of stock soon. 

Ruby Woo

For my final lipstick, I thought I can't go for another pink so decided to go for a red instead! I got this one for Christmas so it's in a limited edition bullet, however they sell in the normal bullet too. I love this one as it is a matte, so literally stays on my lips for hours and hours. I personally would only wear red lipsticks towards winter and the festive season but I mean off course you can wear it all year round too! This is very similar to my other favourite lipstick RiRi Woo which is a little bit more cool toned but is no longer available. Therefore I thought I would show you this one instead as you can buy it now. If you are looking for a really bright deep red lipstick that is going to stay put on your lips and not feel dry then I would definitely recommend this!

That's it for my top lipsticks, as I said I could have rambled on forever about more MAC lipsticks, that I love but decided to keep it short and sweet! Before I go, I want to give a massive THANK YOU to anyone that has ever read my blog, as it has just reached over 7000 views, which is absolutely insane!!! So thank you so much and I hope that you are all well and are having a great day! Love to you all,
See you in my next post!

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  1. i love a ruby woo and riri woo ♥

    1. They are definitely two of my favourite red lipsticks! Thanks for your comment! xx


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