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Hey Guys! So over the last couple of days I have had a little shop around Boots and Lush and thought why not do a haul! I seem like I am fo...

Hey Guys!
So over the last couple of days I have had a little shop around Boots and Lush and thought why not do a haul! I seem like I am forever doing hauls on my blog but was just excited to buy a few things so thought I would share them with the world haha! So anyway enough rambling and on with the post!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish
Funtime Fushsia
So the first thing that I picked up was this Nail Polish from Rimmel. I love the original 60 seconds line so thought I would love this one too as it claims to be a 'super shine' polish. Another thing that attracted me to this polish is obviously the colour! It's a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink with almost a raspberry colour running through it. I currently have it on my nails and so far I am really liking it and it hasn't chipped one bit! I will keep you updated though on my thoughts, however the one thing I did think was it's not as shining as expected.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
While I was having a little nose at the Maybelline stand, this caught my eye as I have heard a little bit about it before. I have been wanting to do a comparison of primers, for example the Porefessional from Benefit. Therefore I thought this would be good to compare and definety a fraction of the price! I haven't used it yet so I can't tell you whether it is good. However do keep your eyes peeled for that comparison post coming to you soon!

I actually haven't had a good drugstore shop in a while, but I knew I would need to when I saw that my Collection concealer was running out! I love this concealer as it is perfect for covering up any spots or blemishes but also is good for under eye circles. It is really creamy and easy to blend and best of all is that it's quite cheap! It's definitely one of my all time favourite concealers!!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer
I have mentioned this product a few times before on my blog, but thought I would share it as I just love it! I have nearly finished my old one so thought I would pick up another one ready. It is a highlighting concealer pen, so I normally put this under my eyes, a bit of my brow bone a cupid's bow, basically anywhere you want to highlight. (Just don't put it on SPOTS!!) It's basically like the YSL Touche Eclat but so much more cheaper, so if you don't want to splurge out I would definitely recommend looking at this!

Rimmel Colour Rush
I Want Candy
So I have a feeling that this is a relatively new product (but as I said I haven't been drugstore shopping in a while!) and it completely caught my eye when looking at the Rimmel stand! The chubby stick products have been out for a while from various different brands, and I always like to see how they compare to each other. I actually really like this one, and have been wearing it for about the last week! It's a gorgeous bright pink, ( when is anything not pink with me?!!) the closet I have would be candy yum yum from MAC as they are both quite vibrant and give you that pop of colour. However I love that this is a balm lipstick so it is really creamy and just glides onto the lips. I have also found that it has stayed on my lips for hours and you can also re-apply without it looking weird. So far I love this product, and I might have to go and look at some more colours as I love the formula so much!

V05 Heat Protect - £4.19
V05 Volume Boost - £3.19
Next up are two hair products form V05, which is a brand that I do quite like. I was looking for a new heat protectant as mine has nearly run out and it is definitely an essential if like me you put heat on your hair almost everyday! I used it for the first time yesterday so I can't give you a full review but so far I like how it feels in my hair and is not to heavy. However all that matters to me is that it is protecting my hair from heat so that it doesn't get damaged! The other product I bought because I always think I need a bit of volume in my hair! It naturally doesn't have a lot of volume in it which I hate so I will buy any product that claims to give you a 'volume boost!' This is actually a Gel Spray but is not too heavy in my hair which I like. I have tried it a few times and each of those times I have noticed a little bit of a difference in my hair as it has seemed a little bit thicker with  I little bit more volume than usual. Hopefully this product will continue to work and I will let you know if it is amazing!!

Lush Bath Bomb- Twilight £3.35
Lush Bath Bomb - Butterball £2.65
Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.75

So finally I had a little browse through Lush and actually picked up more things for my Mum and Gran but obviously had to get a few things for myself! I have mentioned most of these on my blog before so not going to ramble on! However I picked up two bath bombs, first one 'Twilight' which is actually quite big so will keep that for when I want to have a luxury bath haha! It's a really relaxing bath bomb with the main scent of lavender. The next one 'butterball' is a smaller one but is actually one of my faves! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky which I think is down to the cocoa butter. The last thing I bought was a bubble bar which again is one of my favourites from Lush. To me this smells mostly of blackcurrant and will also last so long as you only need to crumble a little bit at a time under the tap!

That's it for this haul, I hoped you all enjoyed and are all well!
See you in my next post!

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  1. That nail polish is a gorgeous colour! I might have to give it a try :) x

    1. Definitely! I love it and it doesn't chip for about a week! Thanks for your comment! xx


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