Top 5 Tips for High End Makeup Shopping!

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would share some tips for shopping in the high end, especially at counters as we know this can be quite daun...

Hey Guys!
So today I thought I would share some tips for shopping in the high end, especially at counters as we know this can be quite daunting sometimes! Some of these tips could also be applied to the drugstore if you struggle to buy makeup from there too!

1. Before you go shopping have a look what type of things that you would like to buy so you can prepare yourself when you go in. This could be by looking on brand's websites to see what's new in or search what you were looking for. This way you will be more clued up to that certain brand and it shouldn't be so scary when the assistant asks you if you need help!!

2. Always try a product on when at a counter or store to make sure it suits you and therefore avoiding wasting your money. I always ask to try something on like a lipstick as they might not always suit you. Sometimes if I'm not so sure if I like a product then I will say that I will think about it and come back later. In the mean time you can have a wander round or go for lunch and think about whether you want to purchase it. By doing this you can also see how that certain product will last and how it will wear on you.

3. Get a sample of something if you can so you can see whether you like it! Don't be scared of asking for a sample either! The product may be expensive so you want to try first to avoid wasting money again! Some places will give you a little pot and will fill it up for you, but if not bring your own! You can buy little pots most places now so just take one in and pump a bit of foundation in or what ever you would want to try. However if you do want a sample of something make sure you ask in a nice way and hopefully they will give you one! I always feel better if I buy something else from that brand and then maybe say, 'I have heard a lot about this foundation but not sure if is right for me, would it be ok if I could have a sample to try a bit please?" 

4. If you want to buy something specific from the high end or drugstore then read up some reviews online to see if it's right for you! I'm sure there will be lots of blog reviews and videos on the product that you are looking for! I will always look at some reviews online before splurging out on an expensive product!

5. Please don't be too scared to confront the sales assistant!! They are there for a reason so use them if you need too! I know sometimes they can be pushy but they can also help you look for the right products for you and will even sometimes try things on you! Do though feel free to just browse around the shops and if someone does come up to, then just say something like, ' I'm just getting some ideas for presents for my Birthday.' This may be a little white lie but they should leave you alone just to browse! Remember you don't have to buy something from their brand and you are entitled to just browse!!

I hope these tips have helped you and you will no longer be scared of makeup shopping! Let me know if you use some of these and if you buy anything! Hope your all well and are having a good start to the summer!
See you in my next post!

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  1. totally agree with you when you mention looking at reviews. I hardly ever buy something that I haven't read a review of first (even if it's drugstore haha!) :)


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