Battle Of The Lip Crayons!

Hey Guys! So lip crayons have been quite a revolution over the past year or so I thought I would pick a few up and compare them for you! Th...

Hey Guys!
So lip crayons have been quite a revolution over the past year or so I thought I would pick a few up and compare them for you! They are also all drugstore as I wanted them to be affordable if you wanted to buy them. However the one product I think these stem from is the Clinique Chubby Stick which I actually haven't tried but can imagine is probably similar to some of these.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

So this was the first one I picked up a little while ago now, as I think it was one of the first to come out in the drugstore. The colour is a very bright pink which does stay on your lips for ages, and is quite transfer proof. I'm not too sure though if it's kissable as I don't have a boyfriend! (#single) Even though it's got a lot of pigment in it, it's still creamy on your lips as it feels almost like a balm. This also stays on my lips for hours even if i'm eating or drinking and also wears evenly on my lips. 

Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm

This is another one from Revlon but a slightly different range. I have to say that I didn't really like this as much as the one above. This one has a strange texture as it also have a bit of glitter in it. I also hate the smell and taste of this one as it's quite strong peppermint. Now I mean, I like mint but there's just something about it, almost like it's gone off a bit!! However I do quite like the colour, but I just don't reach for it as often as I also don't like how it feels on my lips and how it wears throughout the day.

Bourjois ColourBoost Lip Crayon
Pinking of it

This is one of my most recent purchases, and actually I think my favourite one!! First of all I absolutely love the colour as it's a really fuchsia pink and brilliant for the summer. I love the texture of this as it's sooo creamy and feels just like a balm on your lips! They also don't really have a strong taste which is good as they can suit everyone. These also have an SPF 15 in them which the others don't have which is amazing for summer. It sits so nicely on my lips and wears evenly too without having to touch up to much! It hydrates your lips so therefore you don't even need a balm underneath! (who can complain?!)

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm
I Want Candy

This final one I also really like and is actually the cheapest! (Bonus!!) It's a bit of a different colour to others as this is a really bright medium kind of pink! Great description Beth... The closest colour I have to this would be Candy Yum Yum from MAC but completely different in look and texture. This is also quite creamy and easy to apply to lips however I don't think it wears as well compared to the others but has still been a staple in my bag for the past couple of weeks! Again this is a great summer colour and easy to throw in your bag and apply without a mirror! However I don't think the colour range is as good as the other brands.

Overall I would recommend the Rimmel one if you want to try a lip crayon but don't want to spend too much. I would recommend the first Revlon one for a good lip balm/stain and for the colour range. However I would recommend looking at the Bourjois one over all of them as it's definitely my favourite!
I hope you all enjoyed and are all well!
See you in my next post!

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  1. I love lipstick crayons my favorites are the ones from julep maven and la colors . They are great !
    The color palette

    1. Oo might have to try those out! Thanks for your comment! xx


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