Lush Event Cardiff and Haul!

Hey Guys! So I was lucky enough to be invited to a Lush event last Tuesday at the store in Cardiff. It was an absolutely amazing evening so...

Hey Guys!
So I was lucky enough to be invited to a Lush event last Tuesday at the store in Cardiff. It was an absolutely amazing evening so I thought I would blog about it and also show you some goodies that I got!

So the reason why they were holding this event was for the launch of loads of new products which are available in their store now and also online. Some of you may already know that Lush have recently opened a store on Oxford Street in London in which they launched loads of new products which were exclusive to their store. Luckily they decided to make them available everywhere hence the reason for the launch event. 
I can honestly say that it was one of the best evenings I have ever had, and I would like to say thank you to the lovely staff in the Cardiff Store for being so amazing!
When we went in we were given a drink and a Jammie Dodger (who could say no?!) and then we were taken around the store to look at all the new products. 

I started off by looking at the masks and haircare products and the lovely girl showed and tested out the products on me so I could see what they were like.

I was then shown all the new soaps and shower gels and bubble bars in which all of them smelled amazing and I honestly wanted everything and basically wanted to eat them!!

Finally we were shown the new bath bombs, which I have to say were probably my favourite out of everything! The two shown above are the Frozen bath bomb and Yoga Bomb. We were then given time just to chat to all the other lovely bloggers/vloggers and have a look around the store!

So I couldn't not put this photo up, even though it's a bit blurry!! I got to meet the lovely Bethan Horton who I have been watching on YouTube for years, literally years!! We basically spent the evening together which was so lovely as we got to chat for ages and it was so nice to see a familiar face!

I then decided to buy a few things as I could not resist!! There are obviously some more products in the recent launch that I didn't get but are all on the website if you want to go and have a browse!  I will also mention that I did very kindly get 3 products free which will be marked with a * so you know. Anyway lets get on with what I got!

 Pink Flamingo
The first thing that I picked up was this reusable bubble bar shaped like a flamingo! This smells amazing and quite fruity as it's inspired by a cocktail! Few of the things in it include, rosewood, ylang ylang and bergamot which gives a lovely smell and also leaves your skin feeling lovely! I love the bubble bars and especially the wands as all you have to do is wave this under the tap while its running or swish in the water to create loads and loads of bubbles! This will also last you ages as it's reusable!
Salted Coconut Hand Scrub
£7.95 *

This hand scrub smells incredible as I love the smell of coconut! I have actually never tried a hand scrub so really excited to try this one! All you have to do is a apply a little bit to wet or damp hands and scrub then rinse, or you can use when your hands are dry to give a more vigorous cleanse! Sea Salt is a brilliant exfoliator while the coconut is very moisturising and hydrating to your hands. Will let you know what I think about it, as soon as I've tried it!

Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel
£4.75 (100g) *
I love lush shower gels so definitely excited about trying this! It is a really bright red colour with the main scent of lavender and also ylang ylang, different to anything I have smelt before. It's a really floral and uplifting scent that's really fresh and would wake you up in the morning! 
Yoga Bomb
I think this is my favourite thing out of all the products I got as this bath bomb smells AMAZING!! With scents such as Sandalwood Oil and Olibanum Oil, it smells so relaxing and soothing but also a bit fruity. This is definitely going to be one that I save for a stressful day! It also fizzes slower than the other bath bombs with colours of oranges and purples.
Frozen Bath Bomb
£3.95 *

I was also excited about this bath bomb, as some of you may know I love the Frozen film! First of all I love the colour of this bomb and can imagine it will turn your bath a lovely bright blue colour which I think has bits of silver magic in it! With scents of neroli and rose oil it will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed! Just pop it into your bath watch it fizz then just let it go! (sorry couldn't help it!!)
Rose Jam Bubbleroon
I actually don't think this is new but it does have a new formula, and just caught my eye when browsing! It is a bubbleroon, so like a macaroon which I love and you just take a bit of and crumble under running water. The main scent of this is rose, but also has lemon and geranium and coconut oil. This is meant to be really soothing and conditioning on the skin and leave you feeling refreshed (and of course gives loads of bubbles!!)

I can't wait to try the rest of the products in this launch, I think next on my list is the Comforter Shower Cream as I love the bubble bar! I think I owe a MASSIVE thank you to Lush for inviting me to their launch, as you probably all know I LOVE lush products!! I had a lovely evening with some lovely people so thank you!
Hope you all enjoyed and are all well!
See you in my next post!

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