My Blogging Life So Far!

Hey Guys! So this is a very special blog post as my blog, BethanlovesBeauty is 2 today!!! Omg I honestly can't believe that I have been...

Hey Guys!
So this is a very special blog post as my blog, BethanlovesBeauty is 2 today!!! Omg I honestly can't believe that I have been writing this blog for two years, that is literally insane to me!!
I really didn't know what to do for this post, as I know this is a beauty blog but wanted to do something slightly different as a one off for this anniversary! (not that kind...)
I thought I would give you a little run down on what I love about blogging so far and what has happened over the two years really! You also might get to know me that little bit better!

So I started this blog back on the 22nd September 2013, it was actually a complete spur of the moment thing! I had loved reading blogs though for years, mainly makeup and beauty ones if you hadn't guessed already! I had also watched a lot of YouTube videos and overall loved the whole community around blogging and You-tubing and it just looked so fun! From the moment I saw those videos and blogs I knew it would be something that I would want to start in the future as a hobby. Bear in mind that this was back in about 2010 and I was only 11/12 so didn't think I could start it straight away! I fell in love with Zoella's and Sprinkleofglitter's blogs and videos (yes I found them when they had a smaller following!) and honestly I think they inspired me so much to start this! If you want to find out why I started making videos then click here.

What actually made me start my blog on that day though was when Khila from the channel 'Missbudgetbeauty' made a video on how to start a blog and I happened to watch it that afternoon. I suddenly thought right Beth lets make a beauty blog, so I did! To be honest I didn't really think about it too much, you know the name and all that! I just picked a theme thought BethanlovesBeauty will do and put up my first post! I remember feeling so excited at the time that I had actually made a blog, but also nervous as I didn't know how it would be received! I only really told a few of my friends at the time and really didn't make a song and a dance about it (love that phrase!) until I had done it for a few months. To me it was my little space on the internet (and still is) where I can write about what I love most which is beauty. 
I carried on trying to upload a blog post every Sunday,which I think I did quite well with at the beginning! I know my earlier posts aren't that good, but like everyone you have to start somewhere! I knew my confidence would build with time and my pictures would get slightly better and I would write a bit more on each post. I know even now not every post is really long and sometimes my pictures might not be up to scratch, but even still I think what matters the most is that I love what I am doing and I hope that shows in my posts and videos.
I had quite a rough start to 2014 (well I say rough but what I really mean is terrible) but tried to cheer myself up by still making posts and at this point starting telling more people about it! I promoted it a lot more and mainly told a lot more of my family and friends. I then did my GCSEs in the summer of 2014 so went a little bit quieter on the blogging front but tried my best! While I was doing them I wanted to plan a lot of nice things for the summer so the main one being that I was going to start a YouTube channel! This was one of the best decisions of my life and I honestly love making them so much as I do with my posts! So then I was both making videos and writing blog posts, which I know is quite a lot but honestly I wouldn't give either of them up for the world! At the end of 2014 I was really pleased of what I had accomplished and wanted to carry it on in 2015! 
Well I actually ended up being quite ill at the start of 2015 so didn't end up posting as much as I would have liked to but tried to keep at it! I started to realise more and more that I absolutely loved making these and videos and have decided that I now what to have a career to do with media. 
During the summer of 2015 I completed my AS levels which again I took a little bit of a break to concentrate on those, but knew I would pick up blogging again straight after!
I started to get a few more views on my blog now and knew people were coming back to read it, which to me was absolutely insane! To think that people take time out of their day to read my blog or watch my videos makes me insanely happy! The biggest milestone for me out of my blogging life so far was when I got invited to a Lush Event for the launch of their new products (post here). I couldn't believe that I had got invited and was happy to go and omg it was an amazing evening!
Now we are in September and I really do hope to get my blog back running and posting every week as I feel like I have slacked a bit in the last few months! (mainly due to a bit of a rough summer.) Some of you may have noticed as well but I have changed my blog a bit which I really love and prefer so much to my old design! I hope you like the new look, let me know in the comments! 
At the moment my blog has had over 8900 page views which is CRAZY!! I can't quite believe that number haha! 
I think all that is left for me to say is the BIGGEST THANK YOU!!! Whether you been reading since the start or whether this is the first post you have read, just thank you thank you thank you!!! I love you all loads and really do hope that you will continue on this journey with me as I would love to be writing posts for ever and ever (along with videos!) If you go to the 'About Me and Disclaimer' page then there will be loads of other ways you can find me on social media etc! Please don't forget to leave a comment if you have got this far haha! 
I hope you have enjoyed reading and I hope to see you when I start back now to writing a post every Sunday! Lots of love and I hope you are all well!
See you in my next post!

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