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Hey Guys! So before I actually start with what this post is about, I would like to write a big apology. I'm so sorry I haven't post...

Hey Guys!
So before I actually start with what this post is about, I would like to write a big apology. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a month, I know it's not really a good excuse but I have been sooo busy recently! However now I am back on track I can start writing posts again, so hopefully there will be a new post every week! So to kick things off again, I thought I would write a post about when I went to a Lush event in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago. I have already made a video about this, (which I will leave at the end of this post) where I mainly did a haul of the things I bought there and showed you things in depth. 
In this post I thought I would chat more about the actual event and also share some pictures and will list all the products that I bought also.

So I was invited to a Lush event in the store in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago, which was so so lovely and I had an amazing evening. I got to meet some lovely bloggers and you-tubers and also look at all the new Christmas products for Lush! A lovely lady called Lorna took us around and went through all the christmassy products throughly which was so nice. As you will probably know, I absolutely love Christmas, so this was the perfect event for me! Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, and we even had mulled wine (elderflower for me!) and a mince pie!

The picture above is a massive Santa's belly basically! It is their new shower jelly which is inspired by festive mulled wine!

I felt like I needed to take a picture of this soap as it just looks amazing! It's called Old Father Time and smells a bit like spicy caramel.

This soap is called Snowcake, and I can tell you it smells amazing! It is marzipan scented, so smells literally of Christmas! It is also super creamy and will feel so luxurious on the skin!

These bath bombs are called Shoot For The Stars and smell of Brazilian orange which again is very Christmassy!

Now these wands are my favourite things out of all the new products! They are called The Magic of Christmas and are re-usuable bubble bars. With main scents of clove and almond and cinnamon, to me this is just the epitome of Christmas! They literally smell amazing!!!

This is the Snow Angel bath melt, which has delicate marzipan scent and will leave your skin feeling amazing!

This bath bomb is one of my old faves from the Lush Christmas collection! It is the Golden wonder bath bomb which has a sweet and citrus scent. You will also have a little surprise when it starts to fizz, as it is a present!

These are the Star Dust bath bombs and they smell amazing, mainly of vanilla and rosewood. I actually had one of these in my bath the other day, and can tell you it was amazing! Other than smelling so good, it also made my skin feeling so soft and amazing!

Finally are my all time favourite wands from Lush, which are the Magic Wands. They smell exactly like Snow Fairy, which is a very sweet vanilla scent which I love!

There are obviously quite a few other products in the Christmas range, but I thought I would just share a few. Here is the link to the Lush website if you would like to have a little browse or buy anything!

The products I bought are:
The Magic of Christmas - £5.25
Magic Wand - £5.25
Star Dust Bath Bomb - £3.50
Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.50
Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment - £2.00
5 Gold Rings Bubble Bars - £4.95*
Yog Nog Bath Bomb - £3.50*
Reindeer Rock Soap - £3.10 per 100g
Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.50*

I hope you enjoyed this Lush post, and are now going to go and buy all their Christmas products! I would like to just say a MASSIVE thank you to Lush Cardiff for inviting me to this event, I had a fab evening! Also a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who work there for making such a good evening and being so helpful! I also hope you are all in a Christmassy mood now!! Will leave the video at the end, if you fancy having a little watch!
See you in my next post!

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