Instax Mini 8 Camera Review!

Hey Guys! So for my Birthday last year, I received this camera which I have literally wanted for sooo long! I love the idea of having a cam...

Hey Guys!
So for my Birthday last year, I received this camera which I have literally wanted for sooo long! I love the idea of having a camera that you can just capture moments in and have them print out straight away! I thought as a bit of a different post this week I would give you a little review of the camera.
It's called the Instax Mini 8 and mine is in the colour Raspberry, however you can get it in a variety of different colours. Here is the link to the Fujifilm website. You can buy them from Amazon for around £71 which also includes 20 shots.

One of the things which I think is great about this camera, is that it's battery operated.(2 AAs) This means you obviously don't have to charge it up, and can use it where ever you want! It works by you putting the film into the back of the camera and then it also tells you how many shots you have left on the side which is very handy.

To turn it on you have to press a button beside the lens, which will open the lens and therefore is ready to use. You can also adjust what setting you want it on by simply turning the lens. It's great that you can have different settings such as, Hi-Key, also one for pictures in the sun,or if it's cloudy or in the house. However it actually automatically chooses what lighting is best before you take a picture by lighting up by the correct setting. This means that you will get the best picture in the best lighting, as obviously you can only really have one take as it will just print it out. The shutter speed is 1/60 second and the flash is always on. To take a photo you simply just press the button on the left. It will then start to print the photo out on the top. It will take a little while for the photo to process so I normally just leave it upside down on a table for a few minutes until the colour has completely come through. 

All the photos that I have taken on it, I have loved and have all come out really well. The colour is great on them, really vibrant and definitely the correct setting. I have only actually taken five, which are the ones in the picture which were on my birthday. I think it's a lovely camera for just capturing moments that maybe you wouldn't with other technology. As they are printed out straight away as well, it means that you can have them there and then and what I will probably do is either hang them up, or pop them in a scrapbook. It also looks LOVELY on my shelf in my bedroom and just seems to fit in so well with me!! I love the colour of this one as it's a really bright pink raspberry which also fits in with my colour scheme.(Yes I think about these things!!) 

I think it's taking it back to retro really with this camera, as this is what they had before digital cameras. However now I think they are a bit more high tech and print out better photos. It's really really easy to use though, and pretty much anyone would be able to use it. As it chooses the correct setting for you, all you have to do pretty much is take the photo!! It's also very light so means that you can take it around with you easily or use it pretty much anywhere!
You may be thinking though, wow that's a little over priced, in which I do agree. Even though I love this camera it is a lot of money for something you are not going to use all the time. However I would totally recommend if you're like me and love taking photos, and would love something a bit retro like this. I also think if you want something that you can take a photo and have it there instantly then this is definitely for you! I think it's a perfect thing for occasions such as Birthdays or Weddings!
The other thing though I would say is that you are eventually going to run out of film, mine came with 20 shots which I would say would last you a little while depending on how much you are aiming to use. Sometimes I just think, oh this looks so nice on my shelf and actually forget that I can use it as a camera!! To buy a set of 20 shots on amazon it's currently £14.56 which I do think is quite a lot, if you are someone that's going to use it often.

Overall though, I literally love this camera so much and am so glad and so thankful that I received it for my birthday. I love anything like this, and I have a feeling a lot of you reading will too! Let me know if you have one of these or anything similar, or if you now want to go and get one! I would 100% reccommend, but only get one if you really want it!

I hope you all enjoyed and are all well!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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