LuxĂȘmme Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress!

Hey Guys! So a few weeks ago I was contacted by the company LuxĂȘmme, who I actually had never heard of before. Before I had even read the e...

Hey Guys!
So a few weeks ago I was contacted by the company LuxĂȘmme, who I actually had never heard of before. Before I had even read the email, I thought I would have a look at their website, just to see what they were selling. I immediately fell in love with a lot of the pieces on their website, so just knew that they would be a brand that I would love to work with. I instantly responded to their email, and they very kindly offered me a product from their website for me to review. So off course I jumped at this opportunity, (I mean who wouldn't?!) and bought this amazing dress!

 It's the Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress from their Anita Kaushik Celebrity Range and retails for £39.  You can buy the dress here on their website
Here is the link to the 'dresses' part of their website too!

The dress is a gorgeous 'LBD' but has a little bit of a twist to it at the top. It has a halter neck with large cut outs on the top and shoulders ,and also a twist back. It also has two slits down the sides, but not too much that you can see everything!! It is though a really nice length and comes just above my knees. It's a very flattering shape on my body,(hourglass) and cinches in my waist which is definitely want I want! It clings to the right places, but also just looks really flattering, in my opinion! I got a size 12, which seems to fit perfectly, but I think there are only sizes 8 and 10 left. I would say though, that I am a size 10-12 normally, and I think the size 10 would definitely be too small for me, so maybe get a size bigger than you would normally just incase. Although it depends on how fitting you would want the dress to be.

I had free delivery on the dress, and I have to say it came very quickly and I had excellent customer service. All the people involved in LuxĂȘmme seem very nice and are always happy to help! I always think good customer service is key in a business!! The dress arrived in good condition and with a little envelope which had my name on, which was a lovely touch! I would say though,even though I love the dress I did aspect the material to be a bit thicker than what it is, as when I first saw it I thought it looked pretty thin especially for the price. However once I tried it on for the first time, it didn't matter and I then fell in love with it!

I think that it's going to be a great going out dress, just paired with some black heels and a red lip!( I now need a party to go to haha!!)

Overall I have had a really good experience with the company and I really do love the dress. I am definitely going to order a lot more off them in the future, and hopefully be involved with them more, to do with my blog. Would also just like to mention that I'm not being paid to make this post, and all opinions are my own. I was very lucky to be able to receive this dress and would like to thank LuxĂȘmme for this opputinity!

Please go check out their website here they sell some really lovely things for good prices as well!
Let me know if you buy anything, or even this dress! Don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you do! I hope you are all well, and have had an amazing January!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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