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Hey Guys! So for Christmas, I received this gorgeous present under the tree which is the MAC holiday Lip bag. I was literally so excited to...

Hey Guys!

So for Christmas, I received this gorgeous present under the tree which is the MAC holiday Lip bag. I was literally so excited to get this, and I think I was just staring at the lipstick in particular for all of Christmas Day!! Now I know that Christmas is now over but I felt that I had to blog about this as I love it so much, and I think you will too! Now unfortunately this is sold out on the MAC website, but you might be able to get it on amazon or eBay. The original price, also for anyone wondering is £34. Anyway lets get on with the actual set!

So the three lips products come in this bag, which I love and is actually a really good size. I love that it has the colour theme of the MAC holiday collection, so it is something that you can keep to remind you of that Christmas. It also feels quite durable and is just a really good makeup bag!

The first product you get is the MAC lip pencil in Beet, which is actually available in their normal range if you want to buy it. It's a gorgeous very deep red colour, which is lovely if you are wearing a lighter red lipstick to give definition around the edge of your lips. It also stays on for ages, especially if you apply it to all of your lips and then add a lipstick on top. It's very easy to apply and definitely doesn't dry your lips out, like some lip pencils that I've tried!

The next product is this lipstick in 'Pretty Irresistible' which honestly I think is one of my favourite lipsticks ever! It's a stunning bright red/pink colour which is also matte so stays on your lips for AGES!! Although, it's still very creamy and surprisingly quite easy to apply! I love the fact that it has a slight pink tone in it even though it's a red, which I think suits my undertone really well. I really wish they sold this separately as I would so recommend this lipstick! Off course it also comes in the limited edition bullet which has the colours of blue and purple for their holiday collection and is also shiny. I have been loving this going into the new year as well as it's not that stable 'red' colour typical at Christmas!

The final product is a lipgloss in 'A Favorite Flame' which is actually very similar to the lipstick. It's a bright red/pink colour which totally complements the lipstick and adds that glossy finish to the lips. Adding this on top will also make everything stay on for longer and all you will need to top up throughout the day really is this lipgloss. It's also not too sticky like some lip glosses can be and it smells amazing! (Essential in all lip products!!) The closest lip gloss I have from MAC is probably Ruby Woo, but that one is more of a deep red.

Here are the three products swatched in order of appearance. (Feel like I'm going to write the credits!!) Anyway as you can tell all of the products go really well together and also work great on their own!

I really wish this set was still available as I would 100% recommend to anyone who loves bright or red lips! Also to anyone who maybe is starting out in makeup and wants a lovely little set for creating a red lip and also a makeup bag! Let me know if you have this, or if you know that you can still buy it anywhere please leave me a comment so everyone else knows! I hope you are all well, and are having a great start to 2016! Still can't believe it's 2016, can't tell you how many times I have written 2015 in the last week haha! I also hope that you are enjoying my blog now that I have relaunched it! Feel free to have a little look around if you haven't already! As well as doing beauty posts, I will now write about fashion, lifestyle and basically anything, so I hope you will all enjoy!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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