Urban Decay NAKED Smoky Palette!

Hey Guys! So for Christmas, I was a VERY lucky girl and received the NAKED Smokey Pallete!! I honestly got so excited about this, as I have...

Hey Guys!
So for Christmas, I was a VERY lucky girl and received the NAKED Smokey Pallete!! I honestly got so excited about this, as I have pretty much wanted it since it came out! I knew that I had to blog about it but have waited a little bit so I could use it and tell you my thoughts, so I hope you will enjoy my review!

I think I should start off with the packaging of this palette, as it's amazing!! It's definitely my favourite packaging out of the NAKED palettes and I think is also the most durable. It obviously has the smokey design on the top and also on the back. It closes really nicely, and doesn't feel like it will open,and it is secured properly. It's also not too big, so that means you are able to take it with you, and not let it take up too much space. It has a nice big mirror on the inside, which is also super handy, and I quite often do my whole makeup look in it!

So this is what the palette looks like inside, it comes with 12 colours and also a double ended brush. Before I say anything else, it was really hard to take a photo without a reflection, so I'm sorry about that haha!! Although you can now probably tell that it does have that mirror effect on the actual palette. Anyway on with the colours,which in order are,'High','Dirtysweet','Radar','Armor','Slanted','Dagger','Black Market','Smolder','Password','Whiskey','Combust' and 'Thirteen'. So I personally love all of the colours in this palette. (Which is rare trust me!!)  However I have to say, my favourite one is definitely  'Smolder' I think I have been wearing this one almost everyday since I have had it! It's a gorgeous deep purple colour which is amazing especially when creating a smokey eye. All of the colours are very wearable, some you can create just an easy everyday look with. However as the palette says, you can also create a lovely smokey eye with all of the colours. It allows you to have a lighter smokey eye and also different colours then just black, for example the deep purple. I love the fact that the palette allows you to do that, so therefore I know I will use all of them. There are also a variety of different finishes, some are matte and some have a bit glitter in, again it's nice to have both. They stay on your eyes literally all day and don't smudge down your face!! All of the colours are also all very pigmented and are also very easy to blend.(which is key in creating a smokey eye!!) The double ended brush is also actual very nice,a lot nicer than the one that come in the original NAKED palette. It has a smaller brush so that you can apply the eyeshadow and then a bigger one so that you can blend. Sometimes you can get brushes in palettes and just end up throwing them away as they are really bad, so it's nice to get one that I can actually use!
I would definitely recommend this palette, and would probably go as far to say that it's my all time fave one!! Whoa there Beth!! If you love creating smokey eyes then please go and try this, or if you don't have many eyeshadows and want to try a palette that has everything then this is the one for you!
Let me know if you have tried this palette or if you now want to go and buy it! I hope you are all well and are enjoying January so far!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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