Getting a Long Bob!

Hey Guys! So today I have a little bit of a different post for you, as it’s going to be hair post. If you follow me on social media or ...

Hey Guys!
So today I have a little bit of a different post for you, as it’s going to be hair post. If you follow me on social media or watch my YouTube then you may have seen that I have had my hair cut into a long bob! I thought I would blog about it just to show you more in depth and also to maybe inspire you to get yours cut!

So this is what my hair looked like before I had it cut, obviously when it was wet. It wasn’t really long but I would say it was a medium length.
Now just to give you a little back-story to my hair, basically I actually had my hair cut into a short bob when I was 7.  I had it for a few years and then decided to start to grow it. However my hair does not grow quickly at all, so it took my a long time to grow it to what it was, as I’m now 17 haha!!
Now you’re probably thinking, Beth it took you that long to grow it why did you have it cut?!

Well that was what I was thinking while deciding to get it cut, however I had to think about why I was actually growing it. Yes I could do I thought with it that length, like put it into a bun, plaits and many more! However my hair naturally doesn’t have a lot of volume in it, so growing it out even more would probably make that worse. If it was shorter it would make it have a lot more volume and oomph to it!
So this is what it looks like now...

I literally love it so much, so it's basically a long bob but is shorter at the back and longer at the front. My fringe I also had cut as a full fringe but can also be worn as a side fringe which is mostly how I wear it!

I also like how it frames my face nicely which it does naturally. I have had it like this for a couple of weeks now, and honestly I have no regrets what so ever! Styling it has been great, I tend to straighten it, so it curves under a bit as well, which is again going to help to frame my face. I can still tie it up if I need to which is great, as that was something I was bit worried about. It has definitely given my hair so much more volume naturally, and with a little bit of backcombing too there's a lot of volume trust me haha! It's also made doing my hair so much quicker, as it literally takes no time at all to dry it, and also straighten it.

I had my hair cut by my usual Hairdresser called Angela. Now she has been cutting my hair ever since I had any, which means she knows my hair and she knows what will suit me! She was the one who completely persuaded me, as she said it would definitely suit me so I bite the bullet and went for it! She's a really good hairdresser, and has always cut and styled my hair the way I want it, and I completely trust her. If you live in Cardiff, South Wales and are looking for a fab hairdresser and for great prices then I would definitely recommend Angela. She is a mobile hairdresser so you don't even need to leave your  house, (bonus!) If you would like to contact her then her mobile is 07970027496 and her company is called Seren Hair Design. I would 100% recommend her , so if you live in Cardiff and want a new hairdresser then give her a ring! Also if you do, let her know that I sent you haha!!

Also if you are wondering about the colour of my hair, then it's actually my natural colour. Although believe it or not, I was actually bright blonde when I was little and then it just started to go darker and darker as I got older!

That's is for this post, I hope it was helpful if you are thinking about getting your hair cut! Let me know what you think of my hair, and remember if I can get it cut then you can too! I hope you are all well, and have had a fab week!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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