Lush Cardiff Spring Event/Haul!

Hey Guys! So last week I got invited to the Lush Spring Event in Cardiff, which was so lovely! It's the third event I have been to ther...

Hey Guys!
So last week I got invited to the Lush Spring Event in Cardiff, which was so lovely! It's the third event I have been to there and honestly they are always so amazing! I was really excited about this one as I know I always love their Easter/Spring range and also wanted to see what new products they had. I thought I would write this post to go along with the video that I made (which will be at the end) of the actual event and also a little haul of the things that I got! 

So actually before the event I ended up meeting with some Welsh bloggers for food which was so nice and was lovely to meet them! We then headed off to the event and as always greeted by the lovely people who work in Lush and off course all the other bloggers! I also met up with Bethan Horton again, those of you who read my blog last summer would have seen that I met her, then I kinda freaked out haha! I have watched her YouTube for years and it was so lovely to finally meet her! We ended going round Lush together which was nice and she's such a lovely person!

The girl who took us around was Mollie Wright who was literally so lovely and it was so nice to have a chat to her too. Thank you Mollie if you are reading for showing us all the new products, and testing them out!

One of my favourite things from Lush are their bath bombs, literally can't get enough of them haha!

I also felt like I had to take a photo of this soap as it literally looks amazing and I kind of just want the whole block!!

There was also some new products for Mother's Day which all look so lovely, so would definitely recommend if you want to treat your mum!

Believe it or not I have actually never tried any skincare from Lush, so Mollie showed us a few face masks which would suit our skin. I now think I might have to pop back into Lush very soon to get one because they look so good!

Bunch of Carrots
So the first thing I ended up buying were these carrots as first thing I thought was 'Spring'. They have actually changed them a bit this year as they were always just orange, but this year they are pink, purple and orange and come as a three. This means that you can either keep them all for yourself or you could share them! They are re-useable bubble bars which means you can use each quite a few times. Just swirl one under the tap while the bath is running or crumble it to create loads of bubbles! They also smell amazing, really fresh and also uplifting. I think there are scents of lemon and also grapefruit oils, which would explain them smelling really fresh. Would definitely recommend these especially as they will also last for ages! 

Golden Egg
The next thing that I got was this bath bomb melt, which was one of the first things Mollie showed us and I knew I had to get it! First of all it is COVERED in gold glitter I mean who wouldn't want that?! Now I think this smells a bit like honey, which is really sweet but I think it's actually toffee. It also has cocoa butter in which will mean your skin will be super soft and silky. As it's a bomb melt as well it will means it will fizz really slowly which I actually prefer. I definitely think this will give you a very luxurious bath!! Think I might have to use this in my bath tonight haha!!

Fluffy Egg
The final thing I bought was this bath bomb, which has been an old favourite of mine for the spring range! I honestly can't tell you how good this smells, literally like candy floss! If you love those really sweet smells a bit like snow fairy then you will literally love this bomb! While it fizzes away in your bath the little flowers will also be left floating in your amazingly smelling hot pink bath! What more could you possibly want!?

Ladybird Bubble Bar*
Now as it was an event, Lush very kindly gave me a little goodie bag which was literally so generous! So in there was another Golden egg, which I was super excited about! Also this bubble bar, which I think is new for their spring range this year. It looks so cute and also smells really floral and fresh which I think would be really relaxing in your bath. Again you can use this quite a few times, as you can just break of a bit and crumble under the water  for loads of bubbles!

Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly*

The final thing that I got was this shower jelly, which I have actually never tried a shower jelly before so was really excited to get this! First of all it looks so cool, and very Easter appropriate! It smells a lot of orange which is actually really uplifting and great for a morning shower! You can chill or freeze this for a really refreshing shower or scoop it straight from the pot and simply smooth over your body to create a lather! 

Would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lush for inviting me to this event as I had a fab time! Also thank you to Mollie and also Bethan for an amazing evening! Here is the link to the Lush website I would definitely recommend the Spring range! Let me know if you do buy anything or if you would like to!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and have all had a fab February!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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