Perfect Valentine's Day Lips!

Hey Guys! So as Valentine's day is fast approaching, you will probably need a nice lip to wear that is kissable yet pretty and irresist...

Hey Guys!
So as Valentine's day is fast approaching, you will probably need a nice lip to wear that is kissable yet pretty and irresistible! Now I'm actually single, so off course won't be celebrating Valentine's, but to all of you who will be I hope this is helpful! Even if you don't have a date, why not treat yourself to a new lip product?! That's what I will probably be doing anyway haha! Let's get on with the post!

 I also have tried to include a range of different price ranges, depending on how much you want to spend!

So first of all, I thought I would start off really high end with these YSL Rouge Volute Shine lipsticks in 28 (Rose Intime) and 33 (Fuchsia Intense) which are £26 each and are available here.

I have chosen these, as first of all they are both gorgeous colours, the first one being a what I call 'medium' pink it's not super bright, yet still leaves a pretty pink colour. The other is a stunning deep berry pink which has a slight purple undertone running through. They are both super creamy and moisturising, which is mainly why I have chosen them as they look so nice and glossy on the lips too. They literally go on like a dream, as they are so creamy. This means that they are easy to apply on the go, or if you are on a date night and don't have a mirror with you! You can also build up the colour with a couple of layers which will then mean they will stay on for longer. I would go for one of these if you want a bit colour but also something that will be super creamy and glossy. 

 Next is this Topshop Matte Lip Bullet in Wink which is £8 and available here.

I chose this mainly because I love the colour of this lip bullet, as it's one of those 'my lips but better' colours. It's a pinky/browny neutral colour which doesn't come across too bright on the lips so it's really wearable. As it's also matte, it means that it will stay on your lips for ages, which is particularly good for a date! Although it's matte, it's also really easy to apply and just glides on the lips and also doesn't feel drying but in-fact a bit creamy. This also means that you won't need a mirror to apply, definitely a bonus!!

Time for a bit of a different one which is this MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo which is £15.50 and available here.

So when you think of Valentine's you will probably think RED. Therefore this is definitely the best red you could ever go for! It's the classic bright red which is super matte, therefore will last literally ages on lips! The only thing I would say, is it can be a little drying as it's super matte. However you can eat and drink a lot with this on and it won't budge! Probably the one to go for if you want a really striking lip that will stay on all day/night.

Next is this Rimmel Colour Rush balm in 'I Want Candy!' which is £5.99 and available here.

I thought this would be perfect for a really nice girly pink, but also just strikes a brighter note too. I think it's great for the price, and is actually really good quality. It's really creamy to apply and feels lovely on the lips. It's also easy to cary around however you may have to top it up after a little while as it rubs off a little easier.

Thought I would give you another high end option with the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 138 Fougueuse which is £26 and available here.

I think Chanel lipsticks are just so luxurious, definitely on the pricey side but worth it! This one is a great bright pink (seeing where I'm going with the pinks?!) which just feels sooo creamy and amazing on the lips. If you want to splash out on something, then I would 100% recommend this one. It lasts a long time on the lips, and would also survive a little kiss! It also wears really evenly on the lips, which is perfect as you don't really want to be worrying how your lipstick wears throughout the evening! Well it wouldn't be my top priority anyway haha!

Final one is this Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm which is £2.70 and available here.

As you all probably know I love Zoe, and all of her beauty range so I had to put this in here! It's a lovely little balm, which you can only use bit of to have a sheer look or really build it up to a brighter but soft pink. It feels so nice on the lips and works as a lovely balm which I also think hydrates the lips. It's also a lovely size to carry around with you and pop in your bag! I also think it's great for the price and will last you ages!

That's it for this post, I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if you buy any or wear any of these. Let me know also if you have any favourite lip products for Valentine's Day! Also don't worry if you aren't doing anything on Valentine's or you are single (like me), as I have a blog post for you on Thursday, so don't forget to read that! I hope you are all well though, and have a fab Valentine's day if you are celebrating!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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