Afternoon Tea at The Ritz!

Hey Guys! So on the 10th February this year it was my Mum's 50th Birthday, and my Gran and I surprised her by taking her to The Ritz fo...

Hey Guys!
So on the 10th February this year it was my Mum's 50th Birthday, and my Gran and I surprised her by taking her to The Ritz for Afternoon Tea! She had no idea what we were planning, and trust me it was sooo hard trying to keep it a secret for over 4 months haha! I actually made a video of some photos and videos for my mum and then at the end announced that we were going to The Ritz! I played it for her on the morning of her birthday, and lets just say she was in complete shock! It's up on my YouTube channel if you would like to watch it! 

Now as it's such a luxurious thing to do, (I mean it's THE RITZ!!) I thought I would write a blog post for you on the experience and also share some photos, so enjoy! 

So when we arrived we had a little wander around and popped to the toilet (which by the way the toilets were amazing!) and then headed to the Palm Court which is where they hold the afternoon teas. We actually booked it for 1:30 but they let us in at about 1 which was really nice as it was a bit quieter! 
Once we had settled in they came and brought the menus and asked what type of tea we wanted. We all just went for the Ritz special tea which is a bit like English Breakfast tea but had a slight difference to it, which was lovely! All the cups and crockery were so  nice and it felt very posh, the tea even came in silver pots!
Shortly after the tea came, they brought some sandwiches and cakes/pastries. The sandwiches were delicious and came in variety, my favourite was definitely the Smoked Salmon one! What I liked actually was once we only had a few of them left, they came and refilled them for free! You could basically have an unlimited amount of what you wanted which is lovely, and I think is right considering how much you pay!

We then went onto the cakes/pastries, these are two of them above. They were all so delicious, my fave though was the lemon macaroon which was the best macaroon I have ever tried! Again you could ask for more, especially as with these you only got one or two of each thing!

They then brought some scones, which I have to say I'm never normally that fussed with but these were literally something else! They were so light and fluffy but just tasted sooo nice, literally the best scones in the world! 

They came and brought you fresh tea and water quite often as well, and my Mum also had a glass of champagne as you know it was her birthday!! They also brought you new plates every time you had something new, which I was thought was really nice and good service!
They also came round with a dessert table, where I think there was things like Gateau, but I was so full so didn't have any! I think my mum did though, as she just wanted to try it!

The atmosphere was lovely, and it was set in a gorgeous place, with so much to look at. There was also a pianist playing which went really well with the afternoon tea!

Now I actually booked the Celebration Afternoon Tea which meant you had a cake which you could personalise. This came as a surprise to my mum, as we were coming to the end of our tea. The pianist played 'happy birthday' and everyone sang and clapped which was so nice and just finished of the afternoon really well. Although we didn't end up eating any of the cake as we were so full, so we took it home instead, and let me tell you it was stunning!! 

What I also loved was the service, as no one really came asking whether you needed anything, they would just observe and then bring you anything they think you needed. This was really nice as it allowed us just to dine and have tea without having someone coming up and being in your face asking you questions. Everyone was really attentive and you didn't have to wait long at all for anything.

After we had finished we went to the Rivoli Bar to have some drinks and extend our experience there, which was lovely and again a good atmosphere.

For the Celebration Afternoon Tea per person it was £61 which I know seems expensive but I honestly think it was totally worth it! Such amazing food, tea and atmosphere and cakes! I would definitely recommend and it's the best afternoon tea I have ever had! If you want to treat someone then it's such a good present and would be such an experience!
Let me know if you love Afternoon Tea, and would you like to go to The Ritz?!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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