By Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow - Misty Rock Review!

Hey Guys! So a few months ago, I had a little trip to a Space NK in London, which was amazing as we don't have them in Cardiff! As soon...

Hey Guys!
So a few months ago, I had a little trip to a Space NK in London, which was amazing as we don't have them in Cardiff! As soon as I went in, I saw the 'By Terry' stand and immediately thought of this product. It's something that had been on my lust list for literally ages, and I kept looking it up online like on Feel Unique. It was just the price that kept putting me off, I didn't know whether I could justify it! Anyway once we were in Space NK, my mum very kindly bought me it, and trust me I was literally so excited and thankful haha!
I had originally seen Tanya Burr talk about this one, and it just looked sooo beautiful, I knew I had to try it! I thought I would give you a little review of this product and my opinions, especially if you are wondering whether its worth it! So lets get on with the post!

                   You can buy this product from the Feel Unique website here for £29.

I will start with the packaging, as it's just so gorgeous! It comes in a gold stick, which is mirrored and has the name and everything you need about the product. I like that it has a band at the bottom of the stick to show you what colour it is, which could be particularly good if you have a few of them. Once you have taken of the lid, you just twist the stick and the eyeshadow will come up as much as you want. I think the design is very clever, and it looks so nice just sitting on my dressing table! It's very neat as well, so is easy to carry around with you, and I don't think any of the packaging is wasted as you get a lot of product.

The colour I chose was 'Misty Rock' which is the most stunning colour and is the one that Tanya Burr was recommending. It's a browny colour with hints of pink and purple in it and also a bit of sparkle! You can use this all over the eye lid either as a base or on it's own. I like to do both, as it works great either way! It's glides onto the eyes, without hardly touching them! It's super creamy and also pigmented which means it will last ages on you eyes! If you are using it as a base, what I like most is that once I have put an eyeshadow on top you can still see bits of the shimmer and colour coming through. It will make your eyeshadow literally stay on all day! It doesn't crease on the eyes at all, and wears really nicely and won't smudge! If you are using it by itself, then it's super easy to blend, and honestly looks gorgeous without anything on top. It just somehow looks luxurious on your eyes! It's so easy just to throw on a wash of this and then either blend it with a brush or just your fingertip, and your done!
It really is worth the hype, and is the best out of all the products I have tried which are like this. The only thing I would say, is that mine actually snapped right at the bottom, which is really annoying as I have never twisted it right to the top, so I don't know why it would have happened. Just one day I opened it, and it flung out so now I just have to be very careful when opening! Apart from that though, I have nothing to fault about the actual product, in-fact I think it's one of my favourite makeup products ever! (Now that's a statement to make!!)
So if you are thinking whether it's worth the price then I would definfielty say it is, as I think it will last you for ages as you only need a little bit!
I hope this has been helpful, please let me know if you have tried any of these, or now want to! I would also like to try more By Terry products, so if you have any favourites then let me know too! I hope you are all well, and Happy Easter! I have a Creme Egg Cupcakes video up on my channel today if you want to have a little watch!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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