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Hey Guys! So towards the end of last year, my closest friend Jord (who you will probably all know!) went on a trip to New York, I know VERY...

Hey Guys!
So towards the end of last year, my closest friend Jord (who you will probably all know!) went on a trip to New York, I know VERY jealous!! Anyway she brought me a pressie back, in which I was so grateful for and when I saw the bag, I literally screamed!! She got me this Sephora Lip set, in which it includes 6 lip products. I was ever so excited, also as we don't have a Sephora here in the UK, and obviously can't get most of the brands that are included in the set. I have been meaning to do this post now for AGES, so I'm sorry it's taken me this long to actually write it Jord!! I wanted to share with you all though what lip products you get in this set and my thoughts on them! In brief though, I love them all haha! I know though if you are in the UK you can now order from the Sephora website, but  not sure whether you will be able to get this. Here is the link though if you want to have a browse!  Anyway lets get on with the post!

They come in this gorgeous little lip box, which I have kept as a little souvenir haha!

So there are three lip gloss type products that come in the set, which in order are:

Make Up For Ever - Artist Plexi Gloss
Sephora - Rouge Infusion, The Neutrals - 19 Peony
Kat Von D - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Lolita

They are three very different products which are also smaller sizes, which I love as that means you get try more and then if you like them can buy the full size!

The first one which is the Make up For Ever one, is a very pale baby pink/peach colour which is perfect for every day. It's such a nice size just to pop into your bag, and would be be perfect if you are in  school/college and just want a tiny bit of colour. It's also not too sticky and is still very moisturising on the lips. I have also wanted to try Make up For Ever as well, so was literally so excited to try it!
The next one is exclusive to Sephora and is kind of like a liquid lipstick. It's a very deep pink colour with a slight hint of berry which is perfect for autumn. It stays on the lips for ages and is very easy to apply.
There is then another liquid lipstick which is a very deep brown colour which again is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months. It sets to more of a matte finish when on the lips and literally stays on for so long, like I rarely have to top it up!

There are then three more lipstick type products, which I kind of freaked out over because of the brands haha! In order they are:
Fresh - Sugar Rose
Tarte - Butter lipstick - Coral Blossom
Marc Jacobs lipstick - 238 Je T'aime

The first one from Fresh is more of a balm, with a slight tint of pink to it. It feels amazing on the lips, also seems to moisturise them and keep them that way for a little while. This one is also great to just pop into your bag if you want a little something on your lips but not much colour.
The next one from Tarte will literally be PERFECT for Summer as it's that really bright coral colour. This one is also full sized, which is lovely and comes in amazing packing, which I think is made out of cardboard! It's such as pretty colour and also smells like peppermint. This means that once you have put it on, your lips will tingle for a little bit but it will go away. 
The final product is the one from Marc Jacobs, which again I was very excited about as I love the brand. That one is a very deep red, which I wore a lot around Christmas and is probably my favourite out of all of them. The finish is slightly matte which means it lasts on your lips for ages. Definitely one the best red lipsticks I have tried, and also the packaging is so nice and chic!

Overall I literally love this set so much, I think there is a variety of different lip products and colours that would suit pretty much everyone! Thank so so much Jord for this amazing present, as you can probably tell by now I love it! I hope you are all well and enjoying March so far!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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