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Hey Guys! So I have a little bit of a different post for you today. If you have been watching my YouTube then you will know that I am now l...

Hey Guys!
So I have a little bit of a different post for you today. If you have been watching my YouTube then you will know that I am now literally obsessed with PLL!! I only started watching it mid February and managed to watch all six seasons before the spring finale a few weeks ago!! I know I think I deserve a medal for that marathon watching haha! I honestly couldn't believe that I hadn't watched it before, like I love it!!! I think it is one of my all time favourite shows, I'm now one of those obsessive fans!
So after watching the spring finale, there are sooo many questions aren't there?! P.S if you haven't watched it yet then don't read any further haha!
Right so where do I start, Mary Drake?! Mrs D's Twin? ELLIOT?! Elliot's English?! What's happened to Hanna?! WHO'S AD?!

When I was told that there was going to be a twin, I was like 'I bet it will be Mrs D's twin!' I think the reason why I thought this, was at the mid season 6 finale when A was revealed, literally nothing was said about how Mrs D was killed or who buried her. This is probably because Mary Drake killed her, because as we know she is the evil twin! I am now starting to wonder how much that Charlotte said in that mid finale was true and how much was lies! I mean there's a lot of lies isn't there, everyone has a secret *wink*. I think that Charlotte knew about her real mother Mary Drake, mainly because why would she choose the name 'Cece Drake' when she got out of Radley?! This is now why I think she has something to do with the new Uber A, and has been working with her real mother Mary all along. I mean think about, it kind of makes a lot more sense now!
So what my understanding of Elliot is, that he never really loved Alison, but was in fact in love with Charlotte. He has been working with Mary Drake to try to get Alison into the psychiatric hospital, but why is he so desperate to get rid of Ali?! Maybe it's because Charlotte isn't actually dead?! 
Going back to Mary Drake, I am beginning to think that the season finale wasn't the first time we saw her. I think that is some scenes where we thought it was Mrs D when actually it was Mary, especially in some that we thought Mrs D was being a bit harsh. What if Mary was keeping Mrs D hostage, like in that house which Jason went to visit where his Aunt was meant to live. You know the one where there was that grave for Charles. Remember back to that scene, where Jason had just come out from the hospital and Mrs D was acting really strange, what if it was actually Mary? We all thought that it was Charlotte in that house, but what if it was actually Mrs D?! Also do you remember when Mrs D was doing up Alison's room still thinking that she was dead?! What if it was actually Mary who wanted to do that room for Charlotte?! We know she wanted to take back what was really hers! She was also acting a bit weird in that scene!  What if also that Mary is the real Black Veil, remember that scene with Ali?! I don't think that Sara Harvey is that person, and I honestly don't think that she is who she says she is. What is Bethany is still alive,and is pretending to be Sara? I still think there's something weird about that Bethany. Can you imagine if Bethany was actually Mary's daughter?!
Going back to the theory that Charlotte knew that Mary was her mum. I think that Wren has something to do with this you know! Isn't it a bit strange that Elliot is now English? As we know Wren is English, maybe they actually know each other?! We know that Wren made that card for Charlotte with CeCe Drake on, maybe he was in on it and knew that Charlotte actually wasn't in Radley anymore and left when Charles died. This means that she was going in and out of Radley to visit Mona. I also think that maybe this new AD has something to do with Mona. Do you remember when Mona used the card with 'Ali Dee' on to get in and out of Radley?! Maybe this is actually a person, or it's still Mona playing games. I mean everything always leads back to Radley!
However I am now thinking that it's something to do with the DiLaurentis/Drake family. I think the Uber A could be more than one person, and that Mary Drake, Elliot, Charlotte and someone else are all in on it. I still think there's a lot about that family that we do not know, like who is Charlotte's dad!? I also don't think Hanna is dead, but I think that the person who was dragging her at the end of the Spring finale is either AD or definitely has something to do with it! I honestly can't wait for season 7, I think it's going to answer a lot of the questions that we have! Oh and by the way, and was literally sooo happy when Aria and Ezra got back together!! They are literally like my fave couple, and off course Spencer and Toby and Hanna and Caleb! Plus Ian Harding, Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn are literally sooo hot haha!!
Let me know what you think of my theories, and who do you is AD?! 
I hope you enjoyed this different post, and are a massive PLL fan like me!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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