Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm!

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would write a quick post on something that I have been absolutely loving recently and just had to share wi...

Hey Guys!
So today I thought I would write a quick post on something that I have been absolutely loving recently and just had to share with you! I think I briefly mentioned it in a previous post, but I thought it deserved its very own blog post which trust means it must be good!

So as you can probably guess from the title, it’s the Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm which is £3 and you can buy it from the Feel Unique website here. Although it's actually on offer at the moment for £2!

I actually had this as a present of my lovely friend Caitlin for Christmas, and I’ve been using it ever since! I think I might go as far to say as it’s my favourite ever lip balm that I have tried!

So it comes in a little tub, which is a really nice size, especially if you are carrying it around. It just has a twist of lid, which has the name and everything on, and more information on the bottom.

The balm is actually a really nice pretty pink colour, which if you know me is literally like my fave colour! Now you can either you use this very softly just as a balm, which is very sheer, or you can build it up to the colour that it looks, which is also very kissable as the name would suggest! I love the fact you can do this, as you can use it as a balm or as a lipstick really.

It’s very moisturising and creamy on the lips, and that actually lasts for quite a while which is good. Some balms will feel amazing when you put them on, but then will just disappear within a few minutes. This definitely doesn’t do that, especially if you have built it up. You can apply it two ways, either with your finger or with a brush. I like to do both however I mainly just apply it with my finger really just for convenience. I will use a lip brush though if I really want to build the colour up and be a little bit more accurate. It also smells and tastes amazing, which is a massive bonus! I also think when it smells nice it makes you want to wear it even more! It has the 'Tutti Fruity' smell which is very sweet and almost smells of berries. It’s the perfect little balm though for popping in your bag, and topping up throughout the day. I often carry it, instead of a lipstick as I really do love the colour. The final thing I love is the price, as I think it’s very affordable and you also get a lot for your money.

As some of you will know, I literally love Zoe and will always support her. I have a few things now from her beauty range, and also both her books which I literally love! I have literally been watching her videos ever since she only had a few subscribers haha, not even joking!! I never thought YouTube would get this big, as she now has over 10 millions subscribers!! She was also one of the people who inspired to make my own videos and write this blog!

Overall I would definitely recommend this lip balm, especially if you are looking for something that is versatile, pink and a good price!!
Let me know if you have tried this or any other of Zoe’s products! Also I’m sorry this post is a couple of days late, I’ve been away with no Wi-Fi (I know, nightmare!!) but have tried to get this up as fast as I can! I hope you are all well and enjoying April so far!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!


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