Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub!

Hey Guys! So the other day I was looking through my basket which contains all the products I had forgotten about (anyone else have that?!) ...

Hey Guys!
So the other day I was looking through my basket which contains all the products I had forgotten about (anyone else have that?!) and came across this hand scrub. Now the idea of having a scrub solely dedicated to your hands seemed a bit odd to me, and therefore it just ended up in that basket. However I am sooo glad that I decided to try it, because wow this stuff is amazing!!

So as you all probably know, I am a massive fan of Lush anyway so it was clear to me that I would like this product. You can currently buy it for £7.95 on the Lush website here.

So the scrub comes in a relatively big tub, I think you get around 130g. Now you may think that for just over £7 for this product is quite expensive, however I think that it's totally worth it! For the amount you get, and for the amount you need to use on your hands this will literally last you ages!!

Can you guess what the two main ingredients are?! Haha well if not then they are coconut and fine sea salt. First of all having the coconut makes it smell literally amazing, and the scent will last on your hands for ages! Coconut oil is also generally very good for your skin and will help to make your hand smoother and softer. It's a very creamy consistency and comes out thicker than you would think. The sea salt makes for a great exfoliator which is also natural and won't harm your skin. Especially if you have more sensitive skin like me.

This just makes my hands so hydrated and just so so smooth and silky soft. Like I just couldn't get over how soft they were!! It also just makes your hands a lot brighter and moisturised especially if you apply a hand cream after.

To apply just take a dollop and scrub all over your hands, like the picture above. Either use when your hands are wet or when they are dry for a rougher cleanse. Then I just simply wash them and dry them and OMG they will feel amazing!!

I feel like this product would be fab for those of you who suffer will dry/rough or cracked hands. If you use this a couple of times a week, then I'm sure your hands will be in a lot of a better condition! Or if you are just like me, and just like the feeling of having very smooth and soft hands, then I would totally recommend this! There is no irritation as it's not a vigorous scrub which is probably what I love the most!

I hope you have enjoyed this little review, let me know if you have tried this, or now want to! I also hope that you are all well and are having a fab June so far! I have a very special post coming next week, so look out for that!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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