My Short Haul Travel Essentials!

Hey Guys! So for todays blog post, I thought I would share with you my travel essentials for a short haul flight! Actually as you are readi...

Hey Guys!
So for todays blog post, I thought I would share with you my travel essentials for a short haul flight! Actually as you are reading this, I will be in Spain probably sunbathing by the pool! I haven't flown for a while now, but as it is only around a two hour flight I thought I wouldn't really need to take that much on the plane with me. However I knew that there would be some essential things that I would need to take, so if you are going on a short flight then I hope this post helps!

1. PHONE - I think this is the most obvious one, just remember to put it on aeroplane mode when on the plane! I can use this to either play games on, or listen to music, or maybe take a cheeky selfie haha!! For those wondering mine is this iPhone 6, and I love it!

2. PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER - This thing will literally save your life, especially if your phone dies so quickly like mine! Mine is called a Poweradd, which also charges your phone up very quickly, and also allows you to charge it up a couple of times. If you do get that one though, you need to remember your phone cable charger as well. I know that I'm definitely going to be needing this on the plane!

3. BOOK - I thought I would throw in a book, just because it can be a bit boring just sitting on the plane sometimes, and reading can be an effective pass time. I should really read a lot more, so I have challenged myself to read at least a whole book this holiday! I have just popped in Marcus Butler's book called 'Hello Life' which I have just started and seems to be good so far!

4. NOTEBOOK AND PEN - I always like to have these in my bag anyway, put thought they would be ideal for a plane journey. I often like to write things down, and again thought this would be a great little pass time. I will probably use this to plan upcoming blog posts and videos haha!

5. HEADPHONES - Probably another very essential item to have on a plane! Mine are from Sony, but of course you can use whatever ones you have. I also like just the normal apple headphones. I can use them to listen to music, or even watch a video, or just to block out noise!

6. SUNGLASSES - When I arrive in Spain it's most likely to be very sunny, so these are a must have! I can also put them on my head, if I want to get my fringe back or anything, so dual purpose! Also I probably won't be looking my best after coming of a plane, so these can hide a multitude of sins!

That's it for my travel essentials, I will of course have the company of my best friend Jord, who I'm going with so we will probably just end up gossiping the whole way there and back anyway!! Also if you are wondering I am just taking a medium sized handbag on the plane with me to fit all of the above things I have mentioned in! I hope this has been useful if you are going away anytime soon, if you are I hope you have a fab time! I will be vlogging my whole trip, which will be up next week on my channel if you want to see what we have been getting up to! I will also probably write a post about my trip when I am back, so look out for that!
I hope you are all well, and had a fab June!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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