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Hey Guys! So today I thought I would share with you some of my top tips and hacks for a day at the beach! Actually in the UK at the mome...

Hey Guys!
So today I thought I would share with you some of my top tips and hacks for a day at the beach! Actually in the UK at the moment we have had a little bit of good weather. This has meant that the majority of Britain has rushed to the beach as soon as that little bit of sun comes up in the morning!!

As some of you may know if you read my latest blog post, I have just been for a week in Spain, so also can give some tips for when you are abroad! However I will mostly be focusing on tips for beaches in the UK. If you are wondering, I mainly go to beaches in West Wales, as that is where I spend most of my holidays!

1.  The first thing when you get onto a beach is probably finding somewhere to put your stuff and make a little ‘camp’ for the day if you are staying that long! I would always recommend if you are wanting a bit of shade throughout the day, to go nearer some rocks and stick to the border as there is more likely to be shade!

2.  Quite often the first thing people want to do as soon as they get onto the beach is go in the sea. This is perfectly fine, and I’m partial to a bit of swimming in the sea or a paddle! However just make sure to be very careful and always look at what the current is like before going too deep. Always stay between the flags if there are some, and beware of what is around you.

3. For some reason at the moment at the UK beaches there are LOADS of Jellyfish! Now some types of Jellyfish can be harmless however some can be very dangerous and poisonous. Being the good blogger I am, I did a little bit of research about them so you can be aware of them.
So the type of Jellyfish that are the most common are the smaller ones, with 4 purple rings which I think are known as Moon Jellyfish. These ones aren’t actually dangerous, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend going to touch them! I would make sure to stay away from the bigger ones, especially with the blue colours in them.

4. Ever get really annoyed because you have a load of wet sand on you, which just won’t come of? This happens to me all the time and I’ve always wondered if there’s a hack! Well there actually is, and the answer is talc powder. Just sprinkle some over the sand and then wipe away, it should just wipe clean! Now I know this means you have to bring talc to the beach, but it will stop those tantrums from the little ones!!

5. If you are worried about leaving any valuables on the beach, your phone and purse for example then there are a few hacks to hiding them. If you get a used bottle of sun cream and cut a hole in the top, then you will be able to fit everything inside. This way people will just think it’s sun cream and nothing else! You can also put them in things like hats, and then turn them over so nothing looks suspicious!

6. If you are taking pets to the beach, well I should just say dogs really, I don’t really think people are going to bring there Hamster to the beach but you never know!! Anyway, I have a dog who we quite often bring with us to the beach, so I can share my tips on keeping dogs safe there.  Now remember that they get hotter A LOT quicker than we do and therefore it’s easy for them to get sunstroke or overheat. We always make sure that we have a sun umbrella so wherever we are sitting on the beach, there will always be shade. We tend to sit our dog under the umbrella, and just use a few big rocks to secure his lead down so he doesn’t run off! Try to have a supply of water for the dog to drink but also to put over them if they are getting hot! I recent discovery we have made, is a dog ice cream called ‘Frozzy’. My dog literally loves it so much, and it also cools him down!

 That’s it for this post, I could probably ramble on about more stuff but I think this post is already long enough!! I do hope though this post has been somewhat of a help! Just remember to stay safe on the beach but also have fun!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far, whatever you are doing! I’m so so sorry that this post is so late; I’ve been away for a few weeks without any Wi-Fi so haven’t been able to upload! Don’t worry though I’m back on track and already have written the next few posts!
Let me know if you try any of the things that I have mentioned, and also if you are going on holiday anytime soon!!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post!


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