Fresh Naturals Haul and Review!

Hey Guys! So today I'm going to be sharing with you some products from the brand Fresh Naturals, which is a relatively new brand. They ...

Hey Guys!
So today I'm going to be sharing with you some products from the brand Fresh Naturals, which is a relatively new brand. They actually very kindly sent me some products to try out and to share with you lovelies. Now as probably not many of you will be aware of the company, Fresh Naturals is a 100% natural, handmade and cruelty free brand who sell a variety of things from soaps to skincare. You will probably all know that I LOVE a company like this which sells these kind of products so I was very excited to receive these amazing things, and would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the company!

If you would like to have a browse at the Fresh Naturals website then the link is here:

So the first product that I received was some bath salts. These are the 'Pure Essential Oil' ones which smell amazing, mainly because of the tea tree. I have gotten into bath salts recently as they are a bit of change to having a bath bomb or anything. Just simply sprinkle these into your bath and then let them dissolve, leaving an aroma and lovely feeling skin. These are particularly good if you're a bit like me, and suffer from quite sensitive skin then these won't harm you as they are completely natural.

I also got some of the 'Aromatherapy' bath soak salts which I also love the smell of. These have ingredients like, Patchouli, Orange and Jasmine oils which all contribute to making that aromatherapy smell and are also good for your skin. Bath salts are also very good if you have aching muscles, they tend to help relieve the pain and relax you a lot more. As I'm typing this all I want to do is have a bath with these in!! I probably use a good few sprinklings for each bath, however you do actually get a lot of uses out of the packets especially for how good the price is! It leaves your bath a very light purple colour and a lovely smell.

The next thing is some Aloe Vera soap which is probably one of my favourite things out of this haul. I love using block soaps, so this was a perfect thing for me. Aloe Vera is VERY good for you skin, especially your hands as it's very soothing and moisturising. I feel like this is going to be very good for now and going into the winter months, as my hands always get a bit drier so hopefully this will help!

The finally things are these mini Cherry Drops soaps which are so cute! I absolutely love the smell of these and the colour, as you will all know I love pink!! I think these are a very good idea for keeping in your bathroom for any friends or guests! I also think these would make a lovely gift as it's something nice to try! I currently have these in my bathroom at Uni which they are perfect for and also look really nice too!

Overall I really do love everything that I had, and couldn't fault anything!! I think the brand is lovely, and I really like the fact that everything is completely natural and handmade. I think this is perfect for those who can't have any harsh ingredients or who maybe have sensitive or irritated skin. I would probably compare this to something like Liz Earle, but just a hell of a lot cheaper!! Everything is literally an amazing prize, and you get such good quality products. This is such a bonus if you're like me and a student and can't quite afford high end products haha!! Also the delivery is only £2.95 so not much extra. I have had such amazing customer service, which just makes my experience with this company so much nicer!

Now Fresh Naturals have been EXTREMELY kind and have actually given me a promotional code that I can share with all of you to get 10% discount off all orders!! Just use the code 'LifeWithBethan' just make sure there are no spaces, and it's not case sensitive.

I would 100% recommend this brand and all the products I was able to try! I'm definitely going to be purchasing some more, probably some bath bombs next! Please don't forget to use your 10% off, and let me know if you buy anything!
I think I owe a big thank you to Fresh Naturals and to Fliss for your generosity, I love everything and I hope you enjoyed this post!
Hope you are all well,
Lots of love
See you in my next post!

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