Laugharne - One Of My Favourite Places!

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would write a completely different post, and actually share one of my favourite places wit...

Hey Guys!
So today I thought I would write a completely different post, and actually share one of my favourite places with you. 
Now if you don’t know, I am from Cardiff in Wales, always proud to be Welsh haha! I love the south of Wales but as a child and right up to now we would always go on holiday to West Wales. We would often go and stay in a place called Bluestone in Pembrokeshire which is basically the Welsh version of 'Centre Parcs' (Which actually is where I spent my holidays as a little girl, and have many memories there!) Anyway we then started staying in a place called 'Laugharne' which is a little town in Carmarthenshire. This quickly became our place to go for half terms, Easter, Summer holidays etc! 
We used to stay in a place called 'Laugharne Barns' in which I will leave the website for here:  It's a really great place, as there are two converted barns which you can rent out. This is particularly good if there's many of you, as there's a lot of room! The barns are situated just outside of Laugharne itself, but you can walk down into the town or drive for 2 minutes. I would throughly recommend staying there if you would like a holiday in this town! 

Even though Laugharne doesn't really have much it in, it's still one of my all time favourite places. It's a quiet, quaint and cute little town which has a lot of history in it. It was actually the place where the very famous poet, Dylan Thomas lived with his family. He lived in a boathouse which looks out onto the estuary in Laugharne, which is actually still there. You can pay to go and have a look around, which I have done once and it was very interesting. Up where the boathouse is there is also a little shed where Dylan would write all his poems looking out to sea. It is probably one of the nicest locations ever to be writing poems and that's probably where a lot of his inspiration came from. You can look into the shed to see pretty much how he left it, which is crazy and you can just imagine him sitting in there. Apparently his wife used to lock him in there until he finished his work!!

Just down from the boathouse, there is a lovely little walk along the estuary which also looks over to Laugharne castle. There is a little seating place in memory of Dylan Thomas, which if we ever go for a walk there we will always stop at! There's is also a little village with a couple of shops and little restaurants in. Our favourite place to eat was always 'The Owl and The Pussycat.'  There used to also be (not sure if it's still there) a tiny bakery which sold incredible bread and delicious honey buns which we would get every morning whilst on holiday!

A little spooky story about a house there, and actually if you do visit Laugharne let me know if you spot the house! It looks really ghostly with no-one living there and if you look up to the top window you could always see the curtain moving. We asked someone about it and they said that 2 people actually died in there because of fire!! I now believe in ghosts!

Anyway overall, Laugharne is such a pretty place, and somewhere people wouldn't probably think of going to but I would totally recommend a little trip there. You can pretty much go in all weather too! Now we have a holiday lodge down in West Wales, we quite often go for little visits! Let me know if you have visited, or would like to!

I hope you are all well, and have enjoyed reading about one of my favourites places!

Lots of love,
See you in my next post!

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