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Hey Guys! So if you are like me and are a massive fan of Pretty Little Liars, then you would have probably tuned in to watch the LAST EVER ...

Hey Guys!
So if you are like me and are a massive fan of Pretty Little Liars, then you would have probably tuned in to watch the LAST EVER episode the other day. I thought I would write a post about the season 7 finale, giving you a bit of a review and also if you have been left a bit confused then I hope this might help! I had to leave this post for a few days so I had time to process everything that had happened haha! There will be a lot of spoilers ahead, so you have been giving your warning!! 

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I have to say I really loved the finale, I think that it all made sense and was a lot more shocking than the Charlotte reveal. Now I started watching PLL back at the start of last year (2016) and watched all of the six seasons in a month!! I literally became obsessed with it straight away and was glad that I could watch season 7 as it was coming out. I came up with A LOT of theories as to who A.D. was, who killed Charlotte and Mrs D. One of my favourite theories was that Maya and Charlotte weren't dead and somehow were both behind absolutely everything and knew each other through Noel. I also thought that Mary Drake was actually Mrs D, but obviously is not haha!

Anyway, one theory I got right was that Spencer was Mary's daughter which has now evolved into a lot more. The fact that Spencer's twin, Alex Drake is, in fact, A.D. Now I completely guessed this and if you don't believe me go and check my twitter haha!! I thought it was a really good theory and it would completely make sense to why Alex would want to torture the girls. If you are confused about why she did, then basically she thought that one of the pretty little liars had killed Charlotte and that's the whole reason she became A.D to avenge her death. Hence once Alex found out that it was actually Mona who killed Charlotte, the game ended. I have to say I was quite surprised that Mona did it, I always thought it was Aria and Ezra.
Alex Drake didn't know her family when she was growing up, she knew nothing about Mary, Mr Hastings, Spencer or Charlotte. Until Wren showed up in a bar in London where Alex was working. (Just saying I KNEW Wren had something to do with it since the beginning!) Wren told Alex all about Spencer and that family, then Alex and Charlotte became very close. Alex must have known that Charlotte was being 'A' as she knew exactly how to play the game. I am surprised that Charlotte never found it weird that Spencer didn't know about her twin.
Alex was obviously angry at Charlotte's death so decided to target the girls once again. I was glad that Charlotte was killed though as she never got better and was going to be planning something even bigger to do to the girls, which only Mona realised. Alex and Wren fell in love (Wren definitely has a type!) It seems like Wren would do anything for Alex even shoot her to look like Spencer. Wren knew about Alex being A.D and supported her doing most things. However, in the one year jump, Alex killed Wren because she couldn't break his heart (I mean that's the totally normal thing to do right?!) so Wren is now a necklace.
Mary Drake only found out about Alex quite recently, and I think Mary was scared of what Alex was capable of so just had to go along with things. I genuinely think Mary has good intentions and deep down is a good woman. I hope you understand why Alex became A.D now, the one thing I wonder though is whether she knew what Charlotte was planning after she had been released and wonder whether she would have helped her.

I LOVED the reveal of Alex, as soon as we saw both of them I knew it wasn't a mirror haha! I liked that it was only Spencer that found out first, as I think it needed to be. I have to say I think Troian Bellisario is an amazing actress, along with everyone else but to be able to play two characters that well is an achievement. I know a lot of people were confused on Alex's accent as she was trying to be British. I have to say I know it sounded a bit off, but I think it must be VERY hard to accomplish that kind of Essex accent if you're American so I think she did a great job. The way in which I guessed the twin theory was within the last few episodes some of the scenes of Spencer didn't seem quite right. The scene in the airport with Wren was the main one and as we now know that was Alex. Same with most of the scenes with Toby, Alex was pretending to be Spencer to get with Toby. However, we all know that Toby only loves one of the sisters haha! I think they did well with those scenes, they were subtle enough to just leave us thinking without giving it away. I loved the fact that the scene with Hannah in the barn wasn't actually a dream and it was Alex, as obviously, she was there because she was A.D hence keeping Hannah hostage as she claimed to have killed Charlotte. 
I liked the way we found out that Wren is the father of Emison's twins, although I wish Emison actually knew! Talking about Emison, that proposal actually made me cry it was sooo sweet!! I am so glad both of them are so happy, and the fact that Alison proposed as that was all that Emily has wanted since season 1.
I adored the Eriza wedding, you all know they are my favourite couple and I was SO happy when they actually got married. (Btw Ian Harding is literally my biggest crush haha!!) I have to say I much preferred Aria's second wedding dress, it was much more her style! It was adorable to see them actually get married. The moment where Marlene's phone went off and she did the 'shh' was just brilliant! I loved that her parents returned and I liked the little moment between Ezra and Byron as it meant there was no tension. Also so glad all the mums were back and made reference to the basement haha! 
Something else I liked was that Jenna wasn't really bad and was just helping to get money to pay for another eye operation. She was the one who actually realised that Spencer wasn't Spencer and rang Toby. 
The scene where they all said goodbye to each other literally just made me ball my eyes out!! The fact that they are all happy, Haleb are happily married and expecting a baby. Emison have their gorgeous twins and are getting married. Ezria are looking into adopting and are jetting off on their honeymoon and Spoby will end up back together! They left it with Toby staying in town, and let us assume that they will become a couple again. I thought it was so sweet when Toby knew that Alex wasn't Spencer and they had that little moment.
I think one of the best scenes of the finale was the last but one. I JUST FREAKING LOVED IT, BADASS MONA!! The fact that Mona ended up winning the game by keeping Mary and Alex as her dolls just made my life! Mona never called the cops when they were 'arresting' Alex, she called her French boyfriend who we saw later in that French shop. Mona is finally happy and has what she always wanted to have control of the game and not have it taken from her. Mona won PLL.
I kind of liked the way they went full circle at the very end of repeating the very first scene of Alison going missing with the younger girls and Addison going missing. However, I felt like they could have just left it with Mona.

Overall I really really loved the finale, it cleared up all loose ends and gave a happy ending to the girls which is all I wanted! Let me know what you think, are you happy that A.D is Spencer's twin?! Out of all theories at least this one made a lot of sense! I am incredibly sad that it is all over, I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do now!! Probably just going to have to re-watch from the start! I really hope they do a reunion in the near future!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post

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