Spectrum Brushes Review!

Hey Guys! So today I have a very exciting post for you all about some AMAZING new makeup brushes that I have discovered! The company is cal...

Hey Guys!
So today I have a very exciting post for you all about some AMAZING new makeup brushes that I have discovered! The company is called, 'Spectrum' and is run by two sisters, Sophie and Hannah. One of the main reasons I am all for this brand is because they are WELSH!! Also, a little fun fact is that Hannah actually went to my university and did the exact same course as I am doing, which is so cool and makes me love them even more! They started this company in Sophie's garage and now it's an EXTREMELY successful brand worldwide (but is still based in Wales, yay!!) All of the brushes are vegan and cruelty-free and use synthetic hair which is so amazing and is so important. If you are a lover of unicorns, bright colours (especially pink), and soft brushes then you are going to love these brushes! I can't believe I hadn't heard of Spectrum until quite recently, as soon as I did though I ordered two brushes straight away!


Even though I would have loved to get one of the sets, I thought I would start off with some individuals and then I can build my collection. They came really quickly after ordering online and were packaged lovely. I love the little pink pouch, and I have actually kept that to keep some bits and bobs in! They also came with a little booklet with all the brushes which I think is a nice little accompaniment.

B02 - £8.99
The first brush I got was this one which is called the 'Well Rounded' brush. This is quite a dense brush which is meant to buff cream or powder products into the skin. This is perfect for those who maybe are a bit heavy handed for using just a bit of product or you can really work and build the product up. I have actually been using the brush though for liquid products and it works just as well. 

The fact that the bristles are packed quite dense means that it just blends products sooo smoothly and just leaves you with a flawless finish. I have used this to blend and buff a lot of foundations in and every time I just get a perfect finish. I have actually had comments on how good my skin looks and I think it's down to this brush! It's one of the softest brushes I have ever tried, which makes using it even nicer. I would compare this brush to my Real Techniques buffing brush, which I still love but I have to say at the moment I'm loving this one more! You are able to use this brush for most face products, it's perfect for getting into the hollows of your cheeks if you're using bronzer and also pops a lovely bit of blusher onto the apples of your cheeks. I'm so pleased that I got this one as it's so versatile and it's always a brush I'll reach for.

B03 - £4.99
The second brush I got is called 'Under Cover' and this is basically a baby buffer for under your eyes or to use on any intricate areas of your face. This is perfect for use with a creamy  concealer to create a flawless under eye. I love this brush, as I don't really have anything like it and didn't realise how handy it comes in! I use this brush everyday to buff my concealer in, and also to apply my powder on to. It's very important to powder your concealer to make sure it stays in place all day, and this brush applies just the right amount. You don't want to cake your under eyes, so this allows for a flawless finish.

The bristles are so soft that it allows for it to pick up a fine amount of product which is what you need. The flat top of the brush allows for it blend and buff so well. This is also great for any spots that you want to dap a bit of concealer onto, or to blend around your nose. This is also a great brush to throw into your bag for on the go touch ups.

Overall I have found that they have lasted very well and haven't shed at all, (I have had them for a little while now and wanted to wait so I could do a proper review!) I have washed them a few times, and each time they have both looked brand new and have worked amazingly. I LOVE the colours, you will all know I'm obsessed with pink anyway so this was just my dream haha!! The blue and purple bristles are gorgeous too, and just adds a fun touch to makeup brushes.

I honestly couldn't recommend these enough, especially because of the price they are such a bargain!! Some exciting news as well, is that Spectrum is now going to be available in Boots which I can't wait for!! I really want the Glam Clam set, it's currently on my wish list!! Let me know if you own any of these brushes and your opinions on them!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post

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