Lush Cardiff Festive Bloggers Event 2017! 🎄

Hey Guys! Sooo a little while ago I attended the Lush Cardiff festive bloggers event and thought I would share with you my experience from...

Hey Guys!
Sooo a little while ago I attended the Lush Cardiff festive bloggers event and thought I would share with you my experience from that evening and also a few pics! If you are a long time reader of my blog then you will know how much I bloody love Lush, especially at Christmas I personally think that's when Lush is at its best! So obviously I was VERY excited about this event, and being a MASSIVE fan of Christmas it's right up my street! I've been to quite a few Lush events now, and honestly, they get better and better every time! I always have the best evening, and I have to say that's mainly down to the most amazing people who work in Lush Cardiff so a massive shout out to you guys!
Anway here's what happened on the night...

So as soon as we arrived, we were given a Snow Fairy inspired drink which was amazing, and then we could choose a mince pie or a peppermint cupcake! I obviously chose the cupcake which tasted delicious and was also vegan which is so cool!

                            Can you tell that Snow Fairy is my favourite scent?!

After speaking to a lot of the lovely bloggers, we got shown all the new products for Christmas. I was shown round by the lovely Nicole, who I would now class as one of my friends which is so nice!
Now let me tell you, I honestly think that this years collection is the best collection that Lush have done! There is soooo many different scents this year, that there is bound to be a scent that you will love. For this time of year, I love either really sweet candy floss like scents or very festive spicy scents. In which there were a lot of products I could have chosen from.

For this Christmas launch, Lush has brought out a 'Naked' range. This has meant that for their shower gels, body conditioners and also lip scrubs there is no packaging. I honestly think that this is SUCH a good idea as especially around Christmas time, there is always so much extra packaging which is really not needed! I picked up the Snow Fairy naked shower gel, and I have to say I love it, and it's not much different to the normal shower gels so definitely worth it! 

I also saw the lovely Mollie at the event, who I met probably a couple of years ago at one of my first lush events, so it's always so lovely to have a little catch up with her!

How amazing are all these bath bombs?! I have to say the 'Luxury Lush Pud' has always been one of my favourite lush bombs ever!! 

The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar is probably my all time favourite Lush product which is such a statement to make, but honestly it's sooooo good!!! It literally smells the epitome of Christmas, so spicy and warm and all kinds of cinnamon!

Also this year they have a bath bomb called, 'Christmas Sweater' which smells exactly like the bath bomb 'Cinder's that Lush used to which smells of cinnamon and is just amazing!!

I honestly had such a nice festive time at this Lush event, and I always feel SO grateful to be invited to these events so thank you so much Lush Cardiff! If you would like to know which festive products I picked up, and also some goodies that I received then my Lush haul video will be at the end of this post or here is the link!

I'm really sorry that this post is SO late, I've basically been so busy with loads of uni projects, and just haven't had a chance to write this! However I've now finished uni for Christmas, yay!!! Therefore you will now be getting a lot of Christmas posts coming your way! I'm also doing the 12 days of Vlogmas over on my channel, so if you want to know what I've been up to then hop on over there!

I hope you are all having a fab and very Christmassy December so far! Let me know if you have tried any of these Christmas Lush products and which one's your fave!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post

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