Happy New Year!!!

Hey Guys! Well first things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had an amazing 2017 and it was everything you wanted it to be. If it ...

Hey Guys!
Well first things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had an amazing 2017 and it was everything you wanted it to be. If it wasn’t don’t worry it’s now a new year and you can start fresh. I just thought I would write a little post stating a short 2017 round up and also a few plans I have for this year both personal and for my blog! As some of you would have noticed, I haven’t been posting on here as often as I would like so I’ll be discussing that too!

(St Catherine's Fort in Tenby)

So my 2017 started off not too bad, I was still in my first year of uni which I was quite enjoying at the time. I had quite a lot of uni work to do up until about Easter time. If you’re not aware, I am currently studying Media Production. The course is all coursework based so luckily I don’t have any exams but it does mean I have a lot of deadlines around Easter and Christmas time. So, therefore, I was quite busy up until Easter.  On the 30th March, I attended the launch of the new Lush Spa in Cardiff. This is the one evening that I will never forget, and honestly, I felt SO lucky to have been invited. It was definitely the high point of my blogging career, and I almost felt a little bit out of my comfort zone when I was there. There were so many high up Bloggers/YouTubers there and also journalists and press people. Then there was just me, with my little blog and Youtube! I was meeting some amazing people including the guy who created Lush!! I had a lovely trip up to London shortly after that, we had a visit to Madame Tussauds and also went up the Shard for Afternoon Tea which was amazing!
I started my summer quite early around the start of May,  so I had all good intentions of writing loads of blog posts and uploading loads of videos, however that didn’t quite go to plan. Unfortunately, my Gran broke her hip towards the end of June, so obviously I took some time off to help my family to look after her. Thankfully she recovered really well and is still doing well! I spent a lot of my summer then catching up with old friends and also spending some time down West Wales where we have a holiday home. 
At the end of August we also went on holiday as a family to Port de Pollença for a few days which was really nice! We planned the holiday for my Dad's 50th which was at the start of September! I started my second year of uni at the end of September, and if I'm being honest it's been a bit touch and go since I've started back. Second year has been a lot different, and I've probably put myself down too much, so that's what I need to work on this year!
At the start of November, I actually had a car accident which I explained in one of my videos. Thankfully I am completely fine, but my car wasn't! I tried to not let it affect me, but I knew underneath I was really struggling with the shock. I was very much looking forward to a nice break at Christmas, and it was exactly that. I've just had a lovely relaxed few weeks with my family and catching up with friends has been exactly what I needed.

Moving onto my 2018, I feel like this year is going to be an incredible year. I'm not too sure why yet, but I will let you when it happens haha!! I have a lot of plans for this year, a couple of things I can't really talk about yet, but if they happen then it will probably be life changing for me! I really want to make this year the year that I focus on this blog. I started this blog way over 4 years now, and I never want to lose my focus on it. I've seen a lot on social media recently that blogging is 'dying'. However I completely disagree with this, and I still read blogs for all sorts of things. Also, I really enjoy writing for my blog, and I hope you like reading it too, let me know what you think!! I'm really hoping to get a post up every week like I used to. I'm not making any promises, but that's what I'm aiming for. Ideally, I would like to get a video and blog post up every Monday but we'll just have to see what happens haha, I'm going to try my absolute best to make it happen! Let me know what are your favourite types of blog posts, as I'm interested to find out. I want to include more variety on my blog.
I'm not really setting myself any resolutions as such this year. I kind of just want to make sure that I'm healthy and also do more of what makes me happy. I think I lost sight of that last year, so I definitely want to focus more on that!
I would love to know what your plans and goals are for 2018, let me know in the comments! 
I've also made a video to go along with this post, which I'll leave at the end.
Thank you so much for all the support last year, and I hope you all have the best 2018!!
Lots of love,
See you in my next post

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