My Top 3 Most Inspirational Bloggers/YouTubers 💕 (My 5 year blogger-versary!!)

Hey Guys! So I’m really excited to write today's post because to be honest it's quite a big blog post. Yesterday was actual...

Hey Guys!
So I’m really excited to write today's post because to be honest it's quite a big blog post. Yesterday was actually my 5 year blog anniversary!!! To me, this is honestly just crazy, like FIVE years being a blogger haha! I thought to celebrate this day I would share with you my personal top three most inspirational Bloggers/YouTubers. I have thought long and hard about the people who have actually really inspired me in this community and I think I now have my top three. It was literally sooo hard to narrow it down, but I wanted to have some good reasoning on why I like them all and I think I have done it. I really hope if you haven’t already you will check all these people out, I will, of course, leave all there links below.

 Mikhila (MissBudgetBeauty)  Blog -  YouTube -

I had to put Khila at the top of this list, mainly because she was the one who inspired me to actually start my blog. She made a video I want to say back in 2013, showing exactly how to make a blog using blogger. I had been thinking about starting one for a while as I thought it would be a stepping stone to starting my YouTube channel.
After watching that video, I decided one Sunday afternoon,(actually on the 22nd September 2013 to be exact!!) I started my blog which is formerly known as 'BethanLovesBeauty'.
I have been following Khila's YouTube from probably around the year 2010. From her beauty videos to her vlogs. From her talking about getting the 'NAKED' palette to her announcing she was pregnant with her second child.
The one reason I have always watched and read Khila's blog is that I know I can trust her. For example, if she does a review of a product then I know she will give her honest opinion. Unfortunately, there aren't many people in this community left like that.
On her blog, she covers various things from beauty and fashion to travel and lifestyle. I love that there is always a mixture of content, and I will read her blog for all types of things.

On her YouTube, she also does a variety of different things. I have to say my favourite types of videos were always her vlogs. Vlogs are one of my favourite videos anyway, but I have always loved hers. I feel like I'm very much invested in her family now, and I kind of feel like she's my friend even though she probably has no idea who I am!! She's always worked hard on both her blog and YouTube, and I really wish she had a much bigger following because she does deserve it.
I really like her beauty videos as well, as on her main channel she does tend to focus on more 'budget' products which is great. Especially for me when I first started watching her I was a young teenager who was just getting into makeup and obviously didn't have a lot of money to spend!! She does also have another channel called 'DiaryOfASpendaholic' where she does more higher end videos if that's more your thing! She's also nearly an author which I can't believe and I wish her the best of luck with!

Louise Pentland - (Sprinkle Of Glitter) YouTube -  Blog -

Now again Louise is someone who I have followed for a very very long time. I think I started watching her videos when she was pregnant with her first child, Darcy. She's now 7 years old, which is absolutely crazy. Back in the days where you could just film a video on your webcam and just upload it haha!! (I really do miss those days!!) Louise has ALWAYS been so so down to earth and I think that's why I have continued to watch her all these years. 
Within the last few years, she has changed her content slightly to suit a more ‘Adult’ audience. I was so happy when she did this, as she as a person has grown up from when she started and so had most of her audience. She still does the makeup hauls, but also includes a lot of motherhood videos, topic videos and my favourite which is her weekly vlogs. (Bloody love the laundry/cleaning section) She has actually just started doing 'weekly' vlogs which I think is a great idea. Even though I really like daily vlogs, I often don't get a lot of time to watch them every day. Therefore weekly vlogs are much more suited to me haha! I love how real she will be especially in her vlogs. Life isn’t always rosy, and I feel like sometimes as a audience we have this ‘perfect’ image of YouTubers. However, I think Louise shows that really she’s just a normal working mum doing a job she really loves but also showing some of the real challenges of life and motherhood. I always think that I can relate to Louise a lot. Even though I’m not a mum, I still feel like we are very much alike! She always inspires me to be a better person, and to be more confident in myself and my body.
I totally feel like she has been bossing life recently, appearing on traditional media, working with some great brands, casually just brought a new book out (which btw I have nearly finished and will be doing a review on soon!), weekly vlogging and all whilst raising two beautiful daughters. I almost feel like one of her adopted children haha!!
(P.S you can buy ‘Wilde About The Girl’ here: Louise would love the promo haha)

Sam and Nic - Pixiwoo YouTube -     

I feel like ‘Pixiwoo’ are just the queens of the original beauty community on YouTube haha! I feel like they just basically taught me everything I ever needed to know about makeup, especially when I was in my early teenage years! I’m so proud of how far they have both come, I’m sure you will all be aware of their makeup brush brand, ‘Real Techniques’. They are honestly my most favourite brushes ever, but I’m not going to go about them because I’m sure you already love them!
I remember actually watching the video where Sam announced the launch of RT and Nic announced that she was pregnant! Again very, very down to earth woman, I actually met them about 4 years ago when they came to Cardiff, and they were SO lovely. If anyone has been watching my YouTube for that long then you will know that they actually introduced one of my vlogs! 
They were the ones who made me fall in love with makeup and taught me how powerful makeup can be. I would have had no idea how to have used makeup otherwise. I feel like they have done a tutorial for literally any makeup look you can think of, which is super helpful. They are always very easy to follow and they often use a variety of products at different price ranges which is also very good. I always like watching their videos where they show some new beauty products, especially as I know they will both give their honest opinion.
Watching them grow on YouTube and seeing how far they have come just totally inspires me and I hope one day that I might be able to be just a little bit of how successful they are.

I know you will probably know about all 3 of these, but I just wanted to share them because they have all genuinely inspired me. Thank you SO much for all the support from the past 5 years. FIVE years, like what?! If you have been there since the beginning or whether this is your first post of mine you're reading, just THANK YOU. I don't think I can ever express how much this blog has given me. Little did my 15-year-old self-know that this would lead to starting my YouTube channel, attending events, making lifelong friends, and studying my Journalism degree. Keeping up being a blogger for five years has been tough, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.
I hope you've enjoyed and are looking forward to some more content soon I promise!!
Lot of love,
See you in my next post

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